The LIBRARY basement part 6


about people’s right to fix their own devices


(Phang Moh) #591

I like how things are asynchronous in nature in mbed os. More suitable for low power application.


**September 26, 2018Today, The Things Network and Ubidots proudly announce an industry partnership including an effortless integration that simplifies Data Collection, Enablement and Delivery for developers deploying IoT applications. Mixing the effortless hardware and LoRaWAN connectivity network of The Things Network with Ubidots’ IoT Application Development and Deployment software, businesses and professional makers have all the tools needed to solve problems using the Internet of Things.



Here is my sensor page :slight_smile:









YABBY - Small IP67 Battery-Powered GPS Asset Tracker for use on LoRaWAN™ networks



Pisa, Italy

11 October 2018








(Jeff Uk) #606

Same principle as if you have a web domain registration all the vultures pull the ‘Who Is’ contact data then spam with ‘service/seo/listing catalog registration details’ GDPR regs ‘should’ limit disclosure of private info of domain registrant going forward - without having to pay a ‘privacy’ fee to legit domain registrar but for some country level and TLD’s ICANN still battling EU regulators to ‘protect’ status quo of Who Is registrations…only good for lawyers looking for take downs etc… Suspect similar limits may get applied/are valid for Trade Mark reg info under GDPR also but haven’t looked and obviously not a lawyer! :wink: