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Sigfox IoT network reaches 50 countries

Seems the faster they run the further they fall behind! :wink:

Last time I looked at supposed UK coverage it looked like they blanketed whole swathes of territory - reality is a lot more subtle…at least the Cellco’s here let you drill down to a few 10’s100’s of meters to get real likelihood of coverage and there are resources like & &
Now we need something similar for LoRaWAN & TTN (go TTN Mapper Go! :slight_smile: )

Edit Oct3:

That said as laid out here even the Cellco’s can be ‘inaccurate’ - ironically looks like Vodafone under called coverage vs Ofcom theoretical model to reflect realworld expectations! That makes a pleasant change vs SP’s overhyping their capabilities :wink:


ODROID-XU4 Octa-core Computer with Samsung Exynos 5422