The LIBRARY basement part 7



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all an attacker needs to carry out the attack is an opaque reflective material such as aluminum foil. By placing the reflective material over a residual fingerprint on the phone’s display the capacitance fingerprint imaging mechanism can be tricked into authenticating a fingerprint. :scream:


Tracking and snooping on a million kids


What comes after the Internet of Things? … The Internet of Ears



The Unfortunate Reason Linux 4.20 Is Running Slower




Intel Neural Compute Stick 2


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rotary phone into a virtual assistant






I think that would fit nicely on the new wifi only RPI 3 A+ for an extra small gw ?


Azure IoT Central Device Bridge

This repository contains everything you need create a device bridge to connect other IoT clouds such as Sigfox, Particle, and The Things Network (TTN) to IoT Central. The device bridge forwards the messages your devices send to other clouds to your IoT Central app. In your IoT Central app, you can build rules and run analytics on that data, create workflows in Microsoft Flow and Azure Logic apps, export that data, and much more. This solution will provision several Azure resources into your Azure subscription that work together to transform and forward device messages through a webhook integration in Azure Functions.


Starlink 12K: Elon Musk’s Big Gamble on Global Satellite Internet

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s plan to provide high-speed communications to virtually any location on Earth got a big boost this week when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved the company’s plan to add 7,518 satellites to the company’s Starlink constellation.


first 5G customer trial deployment in South Africa

MTN South Africa and Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) have announced the first 5G customer trial deployment in South Africa starting with a fixed wireless access site at technology company Netstar’s headquarters in Midrand.