The LIBRARY basement part 7




a very relaxing vid


burning a bootloader


dead fish to power cruise ships




connected fabric: how AI, IoT and Mitsufuji create safer working environments



WEBINAR : how to meet 99.9% uptime SLA with The Things Industries

Date: 20 November, 2018 that’s TODAY :wink:
Time: 4pm CET

UPDATE : The webinar on meeting 99.9% uptime by @johanstokking has been postponed to Friday 23rd November, 2018


Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to be supported for 10 years (really, really LTS)




We are proud to announce that our # iM880B , # iM980A and # iM881A have been recently included into the # LoRaWAN implementation available as open source code ( …). This can be used to design and develop your own LoRaWAN™ application directly on the radio module


Interestingly, despite the dominance of The Things Network, and the openness of their new V3 stack which you would have thought would be a factor for them, Arduino has chosen to roll their own stack. The gateway comes pre-installed with a forwarder supporting a network server, provided by A2A Smart City, that is running on Arduino’s own Arduino Create platform. :

an ‘arduino’ LoRaWAN gateway with a raspberry inside :sunglasses:





Everyone joining The Things Conference gets free access to the LoRaWAN Academy



Human images from world’s first total-body scanner unveiled


LoRa Alliance opens Japan Marketing Taskforce



they are going to the moon ! :scream: