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Presenting SplashData’s “Worst Passwords of 2018”:

1 123456 (Rank unchanged from last year) :rofl:
2 password (Unchanged)
3 123456789 (Up 3)
4 12345678 (Down 1)
5 12345 (Unchanged)
6 111111 (New)
7 1234567 (Up 1)
8 sunshine (New)
9 qwerty (Down 5)
10 iloveyou (Unchanged)
11 princess (New)
12 admin (Down 1)
13 welcome (Down 1)
14 666666 (New)
15 abc123 (Unchanged)
16 football (Down 7)
17 123123 (Unchanged)
18 monkey (Down 5)
19 654321 (New)
20 !@#$%^&* (New)
21 charlie (New)
22 aa123456 (New)
23 donald (New)
24 password1 (New)
25 qwerty123 (New)



commercial Christmas tech vids special (this post will be updated)


Meet Skiply France at The Things Conference 2019 on Jan 31st & Feb 1st in Amsterdam.

Meet Kalima Systems at The Things Conference 2019 on Jan 31st & Feb 1st in Amsterdam.


Confirmed workshops at The Things Conference 2019 :

Boosting LoRaWAN security - crypto chips in action - Microchip
Deploy your offline, private LoRaWAN Network Server - AAEON
BLE and LoRaWAN - the perfect application combination - Laird
Remotely monitoring and updating your gateway - Pi Supply & Belena
How to distinguish and build outdoor and carrier-grade gateways - Tektelic
Commercializing your IoT business - myDevices
Integration The Things Network with Microsoft Azure - Microsoft
Design the ideal device antenna - Ideetron
Python and LoRaWAN: from “Hello World” to professional IoT applications - Zerynth
Make your city smarter with FIWARE, ST and The Things Network - Atos
LoRaWAN and Google Cloud Platform - Google Cloud
Build your prototype with the Bosch XDK node - Bosch
LoRaWAN 101 - Stackforce
Low-cost antenna measurement - University Côte d’Azur
Bridging The Things Network with AWS - Amazon Web Services
LoRaWAN Radio Planning - Simulating your network deployment - The Things Network Apeldoorn
LoRaWAN Academy expert sessions - Microchip
Disrupt any business with TTN, Google Sheet and Zapier - Skiply
LoRaWAN Certification - IMST
Prolonging your device’s battery life - Qoitech
Setup your private LoRaWAN Network in 5 min - The Things Industries

(Jeff Uk) #874

Death of a ‘Unicorn’ - Bippar slain by funding row…




Postmates unveils autonomous delivery robot


Bluetooth Low Energy-powered hand gesture recognition device



How Secure is Your IoT Design?

Although the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the world we live in, confidence in it is eroded by a continuous stream of news about security breaches. At this point, the rate at which IoT edge devices are being connected has been outpacing the rate at which these devices are being securely deployed. Don’t let security be an afterthought in your IoT node design. In our new issue of MicroSolutions, read how our award-winning SAM L11 microcontroller, plus its Comprehensive Security Solution Framework, makes it easy for IoT node developers to configure and deploy security features quickly, efficiently and economically.




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