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HaLow emerging?

Wi-Fi Startups Polish HaLow for IoT


and look how they are setting this in the market (on the next page) :grin:

’ In two white papers, engineers at Morse Micro made the case for HaLow.

Although it has gained backers, including Comcast, LoRa is limited to data rates typically below a few kilobits/second — not enough, they say, to support over-the-air updates needed to keep up with changing security standards. LoRa’s relatively “low network capacity limits the number of sensors [that] a base station can service,” it said.

only 1 usecase for LoRa ?

it’s longer range wifi imho, like 'connect your security camera at the end of your garden without a cable

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Sound and video driven AI projects anybody?



The new OSH Park Flex PCB bending


my Spanish is a bit rusty but I think this is 138.5 KM over land ! :partying_face:




Arduino - Drawing via Web


Scientists Have ‘Hacked Photosynthesis’ In Search Of More Productive Crops


Spanish researchers 3D bioprint functional muscle tissues for soft robotics