The LIBRARY basement part 9


The next European elections take place on 23-26 May 2019 giving all adult EU citizens the opportunity to select who will represent them !!!


Google announced Cloud Run, a serverless infrastructure that lets developers spin up containers as needed without having to worry about the underlying physical infrastructure.
For IoT, where a developer might only need to compute something once an hour, serverless architecture makes a ton of sense.
Why pay to run a server for 59 minutes of what is essentially downtime?

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Broken already? And not yet a year since announced, though a bit unfair that having an AP tell a client it doesn’t actually support WPA3 and to ‘fall back’ to less secure WPA2 so it can be attacked is a bit tough on WPA3…any fall back is likely to expose earlier problem (think TLS1.2 to 1.1 to 1.0…to SSL! :scream:)




:open_mouth: Oscarpettersson - 3D motiondesigner

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More here…very worrying implications!


free speech is killed… and at an alarming rate

Google, Mozilla Blacklist Gab’s ‘Dissenter’ Free Speech Browser Extension












Complete Guide to Use Soil Moisture Sensor


ATtiny85 64x48 OLED Graphics Display

Big Text for Little Display

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Forgot to post this screen grab immediately before registering one of my TTIG’s!

Can I claim GW # 7000?! :rofl:



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New BOSCH BSEC v1.7.4.3 software for BME680 MEMS sensor arrived yesterday, hopefully fixing the bug in load/save state…