The LIBRARY basement part 9

(Verkehrsrot) #442

TTN Paxcounter app upgraded to BSEC v1.7.4.3:

(Tim Everitt) #443

Hi @BoRRoZ, the TTN map looks like Brexit is already in effect! There’s not a single gateway up and running in mainland UK. I’ll go and check all my gateways and I expect them all to be not connected. It’s a bit harsh of you but I expect that it’s a sign of things to come.


LoL… indeed strange, I know they no longer have access to the ‘secret’ part of Gallileo GPS satellites, but I don’t believe TTI react as childish as Brussels :wink:





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(Jeff Uk) #448

@BoRRoZ, Tim, Usual thing of having to drill in 1 or 2 levels on map to separate out UK numbers… as ever Brussels trying to keep us close to add numbers to the continental count :wink: :rofl: Risk is may drop off for UK if registered through a .eu domain :smile: :scream: if the bureaucrats follow through with threats and bad policy .eu Brexit advice

Lately UK been peaking above 550GW’s and status tonight:

I did notice that were were above 550 several times over Thurs & Friday last week…several/many TTIG’s look to have come online over last few weeks…




Detect your i2c device’s slave address using an LCD and a barebones MSP430


It’s time to plant some # IoT # precisionagriculture nodes in @ Goriska_Brda vineyards





Cyphercon Badge Has a Paper Tape Reader Built In





RPI real-time Face recognition