The LIBRARY basement part 9


Observations (details started to emerge last year with a basic Sony run operator service in pilot deployment in Tokyo since last Sept) -

YAPLPWAN (Yet another proprietary LPWAN offering! :slight_smile: )
@~80bps and with focus on bubble-up (uplink centric) apps more a competitor to Sigfox than LoRa/LoRaWAN?
Offered in a (16mm x 16mmx2mm 65pad LGA) SIP/Module c/w GPS/GNSS receiver and MCU
Based on a BPSK RF modulation variant but also with a sub-modulation based on a linear chirp
Signal resiliance based on similar mechanisms to Sigfox and BlueTooth with the same data being repeated (decreased battery life/increase uJ/message?) with 4x repeat (BT & Sigfox use 3x repeat IIR) (~1.6s for 128bit payload?)
Initially targeting Japan market and freq bands - local approvals in place and also now an ETSI substandard? (TS 103 357 “Lfour Family.”)
-142db Rx sensitivity with 20dBm Tx available, LDPC Error correction built in
Carrier Sense for LBT tx?


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Whose next to challenge? Apparently as only passed by small margin there is scope for legal challenge going forward…! :wink:

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From the BBC piece:
“One technical hitch delayed Rory’s broadcast. The test transmission had ploughed through the data allowance on the Sim card, so it needed a top-up before Rory could go live on BBC Breakfast.” :rofl:

Rumours have been around for a while…

3D Print Body Case 4 RPI 3 + Dragino LoRa HAT with Screen by @b_calabasov

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:rocket: We got some exciting news for you! :rocket:

Onethinx is now launching a 𝗖𝗟𝗢𝗦𝗘𝗗 𝗕𝗘𝗧𝗔 of our Onethinx Core LoRaWAN module.

As you already might know the Onethinx Core is an unique LoRaWAN module, which excels in security, ease of use and reduces time-to-market for developers. It uses (as one of the few modules in the current market) Semtech’s latest LoRaWAN chipset (SX126x) and Cypress’ PSoC6 MCU which is tailored for IoT. It offers a LoRaWAN stack which is locked down, Bluetooth BLE 5.0 and an high efficient integrated antenna.

Our goal is to deliver significant advantages to the developer by providing a LoRaWAN module which is extremely easy to use, while providing a truly secure, advanced and robust platform for LoRaWAN IoT applications.

We need a group of active people from the community who will be eager to test our product, share feedback and help us bring the Onethinx Core module to the next level of world’s coolest LoRaWAN module.

We offer you the Onethinx Core module with the beta firmware mounted on our development kit for free in return for your valuable contribution.

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Be quick as the program closes 14th of June!



Why is Paris creating its own data center ?