The link to the minimal certificate list for Gateways does not work

On page

A “Minimal Certificate List for Common Installations” is advertised. However, the supplied link does not contain a file containing a list of certificates.

The ‘dead’ link is

Please use the link at the top right of the page to ‘edit’ it and create a pull request.

Do you mean that I update the page with a valid link?

That’s a bit of a chicken and egg problem :wink:
I was consulting the page to find the “Minimal Certificate List for Common Installations”.
The page does not provide a working link to the list of certificates.
And I dont know where tot get it (otherwise I would not be consulting the page :wink: ).
Thus, I cant propose an edit to the page containing a working link or valid PEM file.

Ok, now I understand you issue. Your first message read more like a bug report pointing to something that should be fixed. Less as a question on where to obtain the list.

@KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 do you know where to find the minimal certificate list?

Thanks for the follow-up. After reading the first post i must indeed admit that I seemed to much in a hurry when writing the message. My goal is like you said: i need to obtain the list (and the dead link wasn’t helping me). Excuse me for being too brief.


There’s a list here; but please wait until end of Feb 2021. We have some big updates to the certificates by then (accounting for LE DST X3 EOL).

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