The stream Connection was lost due to network error

My gateway status shows connected but when i go to the live data it shows as " The stream connection was lost due to network error"
It has the following messages.
“time”: “2024-02-13T12:29:29.957Z”,
“name”: “synthetic.error.network_error”,
“isError”: true,
“isSynthetic”: true,
“unique_id”: “synthetic.145555555551”,
“data”: {
“error”: {
“name”: “ConnectionClosedError”,
“code”: 1000,
“message”: “WebSocket connection closed”

Not an issue - your console/browser connection just idled/slept/dropped - if you keep your session active then it reduces chance of seeing this, depending on your internet connection and backhaul stability. Nothing to worry about wrt TTN functionality of devices, GW’s or services :slight_smile:

You might check on the stability of your GW’s internet connection as similar effect…


Please format JSON/logs/code with the </>

And forum search of that message will reveal the answers, several times over.

Had the same error.
The cause for me was a tracking protection software.

I am also facing the same issue. Thanks for clarifying on this @Jeff-UK. I thought it was a server issue :slight_smile:

Sorry I forgot to reply…,Thank you Jeff. You are legend :slightly_smiling_face:

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