The Things Certification

Hello community
Maybe this is not the right category for this discussion. I saw that you can display your knowledge in the form of a badge in your profile. I think that there is a certification and learning path to complete - This is offered in the menu under Learn.
All Badges are offered first at 25$, then if you click further it costs 99$.Where does the price difference come from and has anyone dealt with these certifications? and are the 99$ well invested?
Thank you for your feedback

I would say that any certification is of value if relevant for you.

Although 99$ is a lot of money in a community, compared to commercial parties that offer certification, 99$ is not a big amount.

@pe1mew I agree with you. For a learning program with a final certification, 99€ is a fairer price. But if you only do a multiple choice test with maybe 10 questions, then I think it overpriced. What irritates me most is that in the overview each badge is priced for 25€, but at checkout 99€.
I sign up for the Basic Badge and write what you get for the 99€

Ok, I got the badge :slight_smile:
The 99€ are really only for the exam. The exam starts immediately after the payment process. You have 15 minutes to answer 25 questions. The questions cover the content of “The Things Fundametals” of the Docs section. If you work through this section and watch the video, I guess you could consider it a “complete” course.