The Things Conference 2019 - AMSTERDAM NL

for sure all the conference speakers will be recorded like last year and the video’s will be available.

Workshops as well? In real time?

No probably not (in real time and also these are exclusive ‘Hands-on’ workshops with personal attendance)

May have missed the point, I would pay to attend, just not in person, but on the other end of a string of IP packets.

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Suggestion noted tnx

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Finally got approval from work to go to the Conference! See you all there!

Really glad that I can just enjoy the conference and don’t have to run workshops these year - but happy to help with anything if needed.



Me and two others purchased tickets for the things conference at the end of november, payment however, was not successfull until the end of december (ish).

I read something like: “You will recieve access to the LoraWAN academy within 2 weeks after successfull payment”

Can I risk having to wait ~2 weeks from now? Then I will have limited time until the conference.


you don’t have to finish the study before the conference.
Course Ends March, 2019


Seems fun, Probably someone will bring a Things Node :smiling_imp:

and/or a tracker ? :wink:

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First time at a conferance.
How does the workshops work, can we attend by only observing or do we need our own laptops and participate?

Workshop == active participation.The Requirements depend on the workshop. With my workshop a laptop is mandatory.

The workshop registration is officially open!

We have 50 workshops lined up. From Antenna Measurements and Low Power LoRa to Integrate with Azure IoT and Deploy your offline LoRaWAN server.

Please click here to get a full overview of the workshops.

Are you joining any workshop? Bring your laptop!

Workshop Subscription Form

Next week, we’ll meet at:

De Kromhouthal
Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231
1021 KP Amsterdam

If you depart from Amsterdam Central Station, you can take the subway, or the Semtech Ferry (no kidding, we got a boat to bring you to the venue, just follow the signs from the river side of the station). Don’t come by car, the venue doesn’t have any parking spaces.

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The Things Conference 2019 PDF SCHEDULE

TTC-Program.pdf (446.9 KB)


The Visitors Guide to The Things Conference pdf

A #Conference channel is created on the messaging app Slack. Join this channel to
get in touch with the conference visitors and to receive daily updates. There are
already over 1000 people subscribed to this channel.

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