The Things Conference 2019 - AMSTERDAM NL

Join world’s largest LoRaWAN developper Conference, organized by The Things Network in Amsterdam !
---------------------------------------------- January 31 - February 1----------------------------------------------

impression of the legendary first Things Conference 2018


Let us know in this threads what you really would love to see this edition. What speakers? What subjects? etc.


Please find below the content we already curated for the 2019 edition.
Before we freeze the content, we would like to hear from you:

  • Which speakers should definitely be on stage?
  • Which companies and organizations would you like to meet?
  • Which hands-on workshops do you want to attend?
  • What story would you like to share to 2000 IoT developers?

Our 10 tracks thus far:

  • LoRaWAN hardware development, how not to screw up
  • Sustainable embedded programming before, during and after your deployment
  • Boost LoRaWAN security
  • From 1 to LoRaWAN 1.1
  • The little blue dot - LoRaWAN localization
  • Network Deployments scenarios
  • Peering & Roaming
  • Going to market strategies
  • IoT cloud platforms
  • Disruptive things that blow your mind (remember the telex machine, printing messages from space?)

I would love to see a place in the conference area where you can have a beer (or wine) and talk with friends / TTN’ers you meet … exchange ideas, relax a bit… (some people need that, the info during such an event is enormous)

The LoRaWAN Lounge - sponsored by … :wink:


For inspiration, have a look at last year’s foto’s:


Great idea! A social area.


any community ideas ? projects ?


get your early bird tickets now !

‘live’ use case demonstrations, professional ( and maybe also ideas coming from the TTN community)

  • smart parking

  • smart farming

  • smart buildings

  • focus on the software / management side … we know how nodes work but how do you manage thousends of them.

  • edge computing

would love to see Rebecca Osborne - event artist, live in Amsterdam

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  • Live workshop’s with BYOD (node’s) and build a Application arround it

  • Live Workshop’s with TNI to update the TTN Nodes

  • More Social area to meet and speak with other’s (with drink corner)

  • More how to’s with working demo gear

  • Live Workshop with TTI to deploy Stack version 3, may a complete demo in e docker or in a VM. So everyone can run for reseach. And in second stage Roming with TheThinksNetwork.




what about a TTN LoRaWAN conference badge ?

  • realising now there’s probably not enough development / production time for this conference :wink:

We designed and produced one for the Make Zurich hackathon we organized earlier this year. The entire thing is open source, and it could serve as inspiration.


great write up… :sunglasses:
Q ’ how long did it take all together, from the first ideas to, creating a design team, thinking about functionality and finding hard/software sponsors, designing and producing, testing PCB’s ect ?

It was very time-intensive. It’s hard to quantify because none of us was doing it on a professional capacity, so, time was irregularly spent on long nights and weekends, but roughly, it took about 3 calendar months, because the more serious activities towards design and production started around April, and the badge was finally assembled on June 22nd (ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT’S KICK-OFF!). @rac2030, @ursm and I spent countless nights (and some days too) working on it and its assembly.

We were fortunate to have early and fully committed support from Sensirion and u-blox as sponsors, and their commitment went well beyond purely sponsoring, they actively helped with reviewing designs, offering prototyping facilities, even a full afternoon debugging session at some point to chase down a bug. Also very lucky to have R2Prototyping in Zurich, which as well helped us big time on the assembly process, and sponsored all the industrial-grade machinery to solder the boards.

In terms of production costs, we spent approximately CHF 4.5k (EUR 3.9k) to produce 120 badges. This cost includes all material expenses (including the lanyards) but excludes the sponsored value, i.e. the NINA ESP32 microcontroller and the Sensirion sensors.




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This is very cool if we can think of a scalable way to create 2000 badges :slight_smile:

!! Looks Great !!!

If you send to vister’s before the conference you can spare money. :heavy_dollar_sign:
It will be make automatic the “attendance sheet” and it could be used to open the acces port to the confenrence site :wink:
If “Node-ID” connect to “Gateway X” ADD to list <vister-sheet.xls> AND open gate_x ONCE


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Not that I have any experience in scaling up production, but I don’t feel like the difference between manufacturing 120 and 2000 is so big. The bulk of the time investment is still in the one-off design I think. I might be totally wrong thou.

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