The Things Conference 2019 - READING UK


Join us for The Things Network’s official UK conference: Oct 14-15 2019 in Reading

Now in its second year the conference is a 2-day celebration of the very best innovation, real-life uses and new developments in low powered, long range Internet of Things technology. The Things Network is the UK’s largest free to use network for the Internet of Things (IoT) and part of a much larger global network based on LoRaWAN technology. It is estimated that 75% of IoT use cases suit low power networks, and LoRaWAN is the global de-facto standard.

TICKETS & info

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I’m travelling all the way from Australia for this. To everyone else, what’s your excuse for not attending?


I live 110 miles away, but the Motoway is so bad these days …

I am going to try and attend

I’m approx 25miles away, but the motorway is so bad these days…!

Maybe if I set off tomorrow? :rofl:

I will try.

Guess there is no excuse for not attending this, as it’s only 16 miles away!
Easier to get there by train rather than driving, venue is close to the railway station so good links to London, Oxford, Bristol, South Wales and other destinations.

TTN coverage in the town should be good as there are quite a few gateways in place already.

See you all there.


Looking forward to it! It would have been really handy for me when I lived in Sussex, not quite as handy now I’m in Edinburgh, but I’ll get there!

This year’s The Things Conference UK is on Oct 14th and 15th and will be hosted in Reading.
All the links you need are below:

Conference website:
Tickets are on sale here.
Call for speakers and workshops here.

Hope you are able to join us and help make it a memorable event!


Last chance to get tickets - sale ends tomorrow!

Hope to see you in Reading for the 2 most uplifting days of this autumn :heart_eyes:

Cheers, Mark

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WHO WILL BE THERE ?? for a meet & greet :sunglasses: ?

disclaimer : I won’t attend in UK but in Amsterdam (and maybe in RIO … oh wait :wink:)

I’ll be there, (coming from Australia), so no excuses for anyone in the UK (or even Europe)


you take your nice ‘tube’ gateway with you ?

Yes, have one ready to go. Will have it with me.

Any suggestions for a meeting point on Sunday afternoon/evening

Well for me at the moment it’s actually cheaper to fly to Hong Kong than take the train down from Newcastle to Reading.

Think I’ll need to give this one a miss - definitely be at the main one in Amsterdam.

Hi all yes will be going I hope it’s going to be good, staying in the local travelodge so can have a few beers Monday night. Who’s up for after conference food / drink ?

Hi Tony, am staying over Sunday night and volunteering with event. PM me on other the thread with your details, I’ll respond and we grab that 1st beer Sunday night??!

Hi there,
I have reserved an area at the back of the Oakford Social Club for drinks after day 1 of the conference on Monday evening. Entry is free, every delegate is welcome to join us. They also have a pub quiz later that evening if you fancy it :slight_smile:

Cheers, Mark

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Shame you won’t be there Jose. There’s always Megabus if travel costs are an issue!

Here are a few pubs you might want to check out:
The Greyfriar - turn right out of the train station, down the steps and walk for about 150m. Always a new range of decent beers and extensive gin collection.
The Ale House - on Broad Street, near M&S - proper old man’s pub with lots of nooks and crannies.
The Allied Arms on West Street - another old pub with great local beer and beer garden out the back.
There’s a Brewdog pub too for the younger.
Zero Degrees is a good bet if you want a microbrewery pint and some decent food.
If you don’t mind a bit of a walk then check out The Weather Station - brand new, loads of amazing beer from Wild Weather Ales, plenty of beards and tattoos.