The Things Gateway - no LoRa data - 3rd led flashing

I got a problem with one of my The Things Gateways. The gateway is online in my over overview (console), it shows that it’s online but somehow it doesn’t receive any incoming LoRa messages.

The 3rd led on the gateway is blinking fast. According to the troubleshoot page it is one of these reasons:

Bad configuration:

  • No ID
  • Already activated
  • Invalid key
  • No router
  • Invalid URL

The gateway is reset (5 secs) to the factory defaults. I setup it up using the activation page (already did that process multiple times now, resetting and activating again), it doesn’t change anything to the 3rd blinking led. The device is online, it shows to be connected to the TTN core network but it doesn’t receive LoRa messages.

Any ideas what to do next, or how to fix this?!


I still haven’t solved it, and I have no idea what is wrong. I tried so many things already.

I could really use some help!