The Things Gateway (TTKG) - How to find out the EUI?

Hi, i am using the Things Gateway and now i want to find out the EUI for adding as a new Gateway in the TTS Console? How can i find out the EUI Number?


Unfortunatley, i reset the Gateway and deleted the gatway in the Console because i want to do a new registration in TTS. Also i cant find the EUI inside or on backside of the housing.

Please check point #2 the prerequisites of the documentation;

Also please check that you are Claiming the gateway (The Things Indoor Gateway | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN) and not registering it.

is it the same procedure with The Things Gateway? I do not use The Things Indoor Gateway!

You message listed the wrong category which lead people to misdirected you.

The Kickstarter gateway does not use an EUI so you leave that field empty, for the other information use forum search as there have been multiple topics on the subject already with helpful hints.

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