The Things Indoor Gateway migration V2 to V3


how can I migrate my “The Things Indoor Gateway” from V2 to V3?

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Not yet. This relys on a CUPS server and some magic glue to get data into V2 at the moment. I believe plan is native support in V3 but still requires a V3 CUPS… which is due in some weeks time. We will post to Forum as soon this is in place :slight_smile:



Out of curiosity does the new CUPS server have the capability for user’s to claim gateways and login and point them at an LNS of their choosing? Thus fulfilling the product feature advertised of “Can connect to any network backend of choice.” as described in the product information here -

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I dont know - I’m just a forum Mod - you would need to ask your vendor or the TTI core team. As I understand it which ever LNS you point to you would need a CUPS to service the BasicStation config… using V3 is effectively pointing to that network and using its CUPS as I understand it :slight_smile: To tell your specific device to look at an alternate Network/LNS you would need to programme it to do so…and I dont know how to do that/if enabled/if possible, but from what I see not yet… I believe a firmware update would be required to enable you to redirect to a specific destination address/url or select from a list on the device config web page - much as you do now in selecting the target local WiFi.

There is a way to point a TTIG to another backend without firmware update. However the UI for it is still under construction. More information will become available over the next weeks/months.

@kersing it would be good, to have a Firmware Update with the Option so set the Cups-Server URL on the Gateway Config-UI on the Gateway itself.

I concur.

Yes that would be good but I won’t hold my breath for it to happen. A followup device has been released by the vendor so I (as a private person, not forum moderator, in that capacity I know as much as you do) would be surprised if a new firmware would be released at all.

@kersing i wonder a little bit about the lack of setting a different Backend for the Gateway.
On: they say: " * Can connect to any network backend of choice."

That capability will be unlocked in the future using a to be released interface. As discussed numerous times already on the forum…

Search the forum first before creating a new topic for questions that have already been answered.


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