The Things Network and bloxberg blockchain

Dear TTN community,

We are happily using TTN for several years now in AGAP Institute, a research unit of INRAE wich is a French public research institution.

Sensors are used for fetching data during experiment, monitoring devices or tracking assets.

We plan to add a blockchain component in our architecture.

This will add security, transparency, traceability, automation to our data.

The use cases are infinite : Intellectual property, logistic, agriculture, science, education…

As users of TTN I’m sure you’ll be interested in using a blockchain (for free) like us to add value to your data.

So let me introduce you bloxberg as a member (AGAP Institute is part of the bloxberg association).

bloxberg is the blockchain from science for science with the largest PoA network worldwide, run only by research organizations

bloxberg’s mission is to advance science with its own blockchain infrastructure and to enable society as a whole to secure data with the reputational proof of research organizations worldwide.

Dedicated to this mission, the bloxberg Association facilitates and accelerates the decentralized blockchain bloxberg and scientific applications running on top of it. The core activities of the bloxberg Association involve :

  • a network of international research organizations in the field of blockchain technology
  • the operation and the further development of the bloxberg blockchain
  • fostering the exchange among the scientific blockchain community
  • the establishment and deepening of international contacts
  • exchange of experiences between science, business, technology, administration, and the judiciary

There is more on bloxberg’s website :

Feel free to contact [info at bloxberg dot org], the leading team is very friendly.

I’m sure TTN + bloxberg is a great combination and the philosophy of both networks is very similar.

Have a nice day.

Looks interesting, but Google Translate totally failed to create an elevator pitch. Please can you, in one sentence or less, say what its benefit would be to a TTN user.

And then using the least amount to sentences, how we’d implement it.

And have you spoke to TTI about this?

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What is the impact on the size of the data packets you are sending over TTN, if you use the blockchain ?

Create tamper-proof, verifiable records, share and access IoT data without requiring centralized control and management.

There is an API.

No, in my humble opinion blockchain is a great business opportunity for TTI but I’m not interested nor qualified to discuss this topic. TTI should get in touch directly with bloxberg team.

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There is no impact

At what scale? Because sticking individual records in to a blockchain seems a bit overkill and if there are too many devices doing one at a time, could kill the scaling of the whole system.

If we have a lot of records with a checksum, I guess it could be put in to the blockchain to prove where it came from. But I can’t think of any IoT data that’s worth that effort. Or more accurately, no data anyone would want to publish.

But I guess if someone is running a study on something and captures some interesting data that they want to provide proof of source, then I can see how that may be useful.

I doubt you are telling us you aren’t technically qualified which is all you need to be, your not selling it to them, you are just telling them about it. It will be up to them to decide what value it could bring to TTI.

Sure, but I guess that’s not a problem because it’s widely used in Industry today…

Maybe you could record an alert on a device and you could prove the failure to your insurance company, then you would be happy to have made the effort.
That’s a use case we will test this year using TTN + bloxberg via Node-RED to record devices failure alerts in the blockchain.

Sure, that’s another use case we want to test with scientific data from my research unit.

Got it, thank you I’ll tell them.