The Things Network can't find my TTOG

I just purchased a TTOG recently, and I got it set up to use ethernet (I’m not planning on doing any other communication streams either currently but if necessary I’ll look into it). I am able to access the admin GUI and ping public domains (i.e., but I when I try to connect it to my private instance on TTN it shows as disconnected and no data is sent from my gateway or TTN.

I have been trying for a couple days and I am still lost. I have seen in multiple forums about an LNS key and I made an API key for it following another post’s guide but their post talks about uploading the key to the gateway and I don’t understand how for TTOG. I have tried registering it with and without authentication required but neither works. In both instances my TTN server won’t find my gateway and my gateway does not seem to do anything in the logs.

I apologize as I am inexperienced and after spending several days reading forums and articles I couldn’t get it to work and this was my last idea.