The Things Network -> Malta

Hello everyone!

Any Maltese around? :slight_smile:

yes there are ! but this forum seems dead locally, any interested in getting something started ?

not one gateway ?

Apparently not. There seems to be Sigfox locally but run totally commercially and have very little info if its actually being used. Are you also local ?

No I’m not.

I reacted because the topicstarter is also the initiator of TTN-malta, but it’s nice to see that you guys try to revive this community !

I am interested in setting up a network locally. Giving that a substantial investment is required it would need to have some amount of commercial element to it. I would like to see the interest locally in having an open public network , people ready to host / fund / run gateways and potential commercial products/services which may use the network and return some revenue for the running of the network. I have quite a bit of experience on the IOT field and many years of experience in RF…I’m open to ideas…

OK the community is in place started by norogroup

Best way imho is you guys get together and make some plans… our experience is that local city councels and companies are very interested in this new technology, also higher education… so there’s a possibillity to find locations for gateways and some financing.

Yes indeed I would like to get the ball rolling

Good news… gateway in the post let’s get the ball rolling! Malta will soon have a gateway.

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Great! The community had two gateways in Malta, but they went offline temporarily. When do you expect your gateway to arrive?

in the coming days, most items already arrived, just waiting for the bits to come and then will put everything together

Gateway is online, but this community seems dead, don’t see much interest or any activity !

anyone up for doing some tests using TTN mapper ?

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