The Things Network Stack V3 - Webinar by Johan Stokking

Last year, we announced a new version of our backend (V3) due to be released in Q1 of this year for testing. It is the new stack that will be deployed on the public community network, private networks and open source networks which people can build themselves. At The Things Conference, we will be sharing more information on this.

As some of you would have seen in the last newsletter or on social media, we are organizing a webinar by Johan Stokking (Tech Lead @ The Things Network) today (25th Jan) at 1730 CET to give more insights into this.


YouTube Live
Slides: The Things Network Stack V3.pdf

Here’s a sneak peak into the topics that are going to be covered:

  • Supporting LoRaWAN 1.1 and 1.0.2
  • Class B, Class C
  • Stack V3 Architecture
  • Peering within The Things Network ecosystem
  • Roaming within the LoRa Alliance ecosystem
  • Fully open source, MIT licensed
  • What’s in it for you

Looking forward to seeing you there :slight_smile:


If you have any questions, ask them here or in the YouTube channel!

Slides: The Things Network Stack V3.pdf
Recording: YouTube

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Which language is used for GW agent development?
Sorry if this question was already answered somewhere and I just missed that answer.

It hasn’t been asked yet afaik, good question; it’s written in Go

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Thanks. And what protocol will be used for GW Agent <-> GW Server connection? Something GRPC-based?

Yes indeed

Don’t you think that GRPC isn’t reliable enough in real life environment?
BTW, TTN GW FW does employ GRPC, right?

Hi Guys,
I hope work on TTN v3 goes well!
Do you maybe have some update regarding to MVP release?

@hobo No I don’t think it’s unreliable at all. The Things Gateway uses MQTT. The V3 Gateway Agent will use gRPC.

@hodziemczyk it goes well, but it’s a lot of work. Our internal deadline is in a few weeks.


Hi, I’m about to setup an experimental setup for a private network stack. Would be interesting to work with V3 from the start. Will the first version be completely functional? I mean, will all components be available and can we create a complete (alpha/beta) stack from node to app?

What is the best place to be updated about the progress? Github, forum… ?

Does the v3 stack is lagging behind the expectations provided? if so, how much?

Thank you

did you see this ?

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Can’t wait to checkout V3