The Things Network Tech Update February 29th

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Please use this thread for you questions during the global tech update.



Are applications fully federated/partitioned with respect to visibility of sensor events?
Ideally an application should only “see” in the list of sensor events only those events for which it has the decryption keys and no others…

Is there a plan to study and potentially implement the new reference design proposed by Semtech announced few days ago?

What about having a single Handler managing 10’s to 100’s of applications ? We are building an open application platform and i would like to know if the broker has a simple way of registering multiple applications via a single Handler cluster (which means, not doing a call per application).


If I set up my one private network, how do I prevent that others receive the data?

Will this tech. update recorded, so that we can watch it later?

Question from Google Hangouts comments

Steve Karmeinsky: What security are you implementing so you MUST register a node, before it’s allowed on to the network

Regards 30 seconds max of airtime per node - presumably if you run your own gateway you can increase the max amount of airtime per node?

An earlier presentation about the Fair Access Policy also mentioned:

Fair Access Policy: Practice

  • […]
  • Downlink bandwidth is even more restricted
    • you can’t send all messages as ‘confirmed uplink’

Any details on that?

Yes, that’s standard functionality, you can already watch it again on Google Workspace Updates: New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents

Not according the ISM regulation, but your throughput will increase so you will need less airtime.

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Hello Johan from Greece :smile:
How does the fair use policy work from the gateway’s point of view? (when the gateway sends data to nodes)
Any idea on the LoRaWAN multilateration (node localization) that was announced a few days ago by semtech ? I understand it will be use case specific / network specific, but can you guess a typical accuracy ? (i.e. few meters ?)

Which mechanisms, e.g., Protocol Buffers, have you considered for serializing data, if any?

Question about “virtual gateway”: While waiting for the gateways to be shipped is there a way to connect/speak to router to simulate traffic and test concepts without radio part at the moment?

Great for the multi-app handler. Could you just precise how a handler registers itself to the broker pool ? API call ? direct call ? pre-configured in the app’s settings ?

Thanks! Seems quite a limitation though. I can imagine working around it by installing two LoRa transmission chips in a single Node device to double your available airtime…!?

Hi, thanks for the updates,

Q: Will you allow addressing to operate in blocks by application rather than location?
Q: Will you allow use by commercial applications? Are there any conditions on this?

Flood Network/Love Hz

You say that there are problems with timestamps. Is it possible to use trigonometyr of a tag with 3 or more accesspoints?

Good trick but not ‘fair’ as stated in the ‘fair use policy’