The Things Network V2 is Permanently Shutting Down (completed)

Today we started auto-migrating TTIGs from The Things Network V2 to The Things Stack Community Edition. See Auto-Migration of The Things Indoor Gateways for details.


Links are not working. They redirect to V3.

Is it possible to get on V2 console just to see what devices I have and which were alive just before shutdown? Some users of the sensors can’t live without everyday dose of the enviromental measurements and I would like to try to move that to V3. The devices use ABP. Is this OK with V3?

If you read just three posts up you will see the link.

But you may well be too late.

It looks like the bot forgot to post a reply. Here’s the latest update:

We’re still cleaning up servers behind the scenes, but all public V2 APIs have been shut down.

So I’m afraid you’re too late, @s54mtb.

OK, thanks. I was trying in past several times without success. Looks it’s time to clean crap from the field and recycle to some new devices :+1:

Just for posterity, this was answered in Inaccessible gateways - #5 by htdvisser (ping @Kater).

I have created a new gateway and registered it but it shows status as disconnected how can I rectify it??


Sir I have created a lorawan gateway for college project and I have Created new gateway with Lora shield v1.3 and with Raspberry and got the Gateway Eui sir. And I have registered my gateway in ttn and given all the needed details but it shows status as disconnected sir.My Gateway EUi is B8 27 EB FF FF 34 1E 46.

? What is this… link please. Is this a LoRaWAN concentrator card (using Sx1301/2/3) or just a device (node) HAT? If latter you cannot create a LoRaWAN gateway from that…

Sir it is a device Lora shield Hat sir

Then as stated you can’t make a gateway with that…were you directed to use this (e.g. by you lecturer/project supervisor?)

I just searched in the browser sir

That can be used to make a node only…e.g. a gps tracker, asset tracker or generic sensor but can’t be used as a gateway on TTN… you need a full 8 channel LoRaWAN NOT LoRa system. You can use your card for LoRa only, proprietary, e.g. point to point implementations…do not attempt to set up as a gateway and connect to TTN as they are disruptive to the network and other users. (Search Forum for SCPF of DCPF for discussions and explanations of why not).

Ok sir Thank you sir

For future ref please use search to find a topic suited to your issue/question or create a new one rather than hijacking an an existing, unrelated thread…and where there are responses to your earlier post please try to avoid deleting unless necessary as it leaves follow on comments potentially orphaned and nonsensical…

Ok sir

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I forgot to migrate two of my (remote) devices. Is ther a possibility to download all configuration data from old v2 console? or is this too late as well?

Try the Take Out Tool… :slight_smile:

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I am all of the above!!

Off with COVID (fully jabbed I might add). So figured I’d put a bit more effort into finishing migration and tidying up my back end code (Node-Red).

Forgot about all the decoders! Horrible sinking feeling I was going to spend weeks not remembering which bits of code where Big Endian v Little Endian and world of other pain!!!

This just saved me weeks of work. Winner!

Thank you, this is awesome.