The Things Outdoor Gateway (TTOG) short signal distance

I have been using my TTOG (model: WAPS-232N_LW) to receive data from a device (we call them PBoxes) that collects data via bluetooth and converts the signal to LoRaWAN to be picked up by the gateway. Supposedly the gateway is supposed to receive signals from the PBox from up to 2-3 miles away but when I have been doing some tests recently, the gateway is only able to receive signals from about 350 ft max. If I go further than that, the gateway is still able to connect to the PBox but does not receive any data. I used two antennas with dBi’s of 3/4 and 8 with similar results. Any advice on how modifications I can make for the signal to reach further while still receiving data? I am very new to using LoRaWAN gateways so any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks!

You can find many advices when you search this forum.

imho one of the most important points is the position of the antenna. If you are living in a town and using an indoor gateway from the ground floor your coverage will be a few 100m. If the antenna is on the roof you will get a few km. The antennas shoud “see” each others. If you want to get more help, please tell us a little bit more about your environment.

What exactly do you mean by that ?

How do you know the ‘Gateway’ is able to ‘connect’ to the PBox but not the other way around ?

I used two antennas with dBi’s of 3/4 and 8 with similar results.

If the PBox is set to maximum power permitted power then you will exceed the legal limits if you add gain antennas.

LoRaWAN is not intended to be a full two way type data transfer system, so your comments on sending and receiving data are confusing.

And agreed, distance realised is mostly down to positioning of antennas, there are no magic code or hardware tweaks.

With regard to antennas (perhaps stating the obvious):

  • Antennas are often tuned for a specific frequency, so make sure you use the proper antenna for your frequency. An antenna also needs to be reasonably free of conducting structures in its immediate neighbourhood.
  • A gateway antenna is typically pointing upwards, so the signal “goes out” of the sides of the antenna, towards the horizon. Your node antenna should therefore probably also be pointing up, for best signal reception/transmission.

What kind of RSSI/SNR figures are you seeing at the gateway for messages received from the nodes?