The WORKBENCH part 1

(Jens) #911

A little 8285 WiFi MCU



is that a mini single channel gateway on your finger ? :sunglasses:





Hi @BoRRoZ here my toys :slight_smile:



IOT junkies :rofl:


My last project


To measure the heatpump.


Rocket Scream dev - mini ultra LoRaWAN V1.0 and V2.0


(Jezd) #919

when they going on sale?


later this year :roll_eyes:

these are dev boards… not the final boards, in fact this V2.0 is the first in Europe ! arrived this morning and I’m setting up a test environment

(Jeff Uk) #921

Still no sign on website - are they giving you indication of likely cost/timescales yet?


Jeff I am allowed to give you a ‘sneak peak’ and show here on the forum what I am testing… that’s it.

I have nothing todo with the commercial side…
If someone in Europe wants 200 pcs now they can contact Phang off course :wink:

(Jeff Uk) #923

Understood…will wait till you have tested 1st results on new version to see how it varies (BTW what is the difference between them?)…but then :wink:


SHT-31D + filter - original ADAFRUIT





alarm… so you set a triggerlevel in the SHT31-D , processor stays in deepsleep but the sensor keeps ‘sensoring’ until the triggerlevel is reached and it wakes the processor via that pin.


Nice. So now that building nodes is becoming somewhat routine the next step would be to master the black art of deep sleep. This is a step in that direction


well, one off my ideas is to set this ‘alarm’ level from the sensor over the network, for that you have to expand / write a new library.
for the black art of ‘deep sleep’ you can always chat with the NINJA masters CH2I or Rocket Scream :sunglasses:


€16.95 that’s very expensive PTFE foil… :slightly_frowning_face:


ordered on sunday … received today :wink:and this is not the bargain basement :rofl:

CJMCU-8128+CCS811+HDC1080+BMP280 CO2 Temperature Humidity Gas Pressure Module
this one looks interesting to for an air quality node



SHT31-D (without PTFE foil)

So that’s €13,48 for PTFE foil and shipping. :wink:
Not a bargain, is the regular price.