The WORKBENCH part 1


this is a topic for the DIY TTN’ers, the builders the makers the tinkerers
here we can talk, show and ask

  • tips and tricks
  • how do I make …
  • what’s the best chip for…
  • where to find this …
  • I don’t understand this schematic
  • how do I measure this …
  • raspberry
  • creating magic smoke how to

so, anything related to (electronical/mechanical) DIY that don’t fit in other topics ( but is in some way related to building and/or TTN )

The WORKBENCH … welcome


Thought it was the showoff my workbench topic :wink:

But this could become a very interesting DIY topic.

if you want to … :sunglasses:


How do you move a 0201 on a Raspberry Pi Zero W? I have the area kapton taped off (so I can apply selective heat without everything on the board blowing off), used hot air and flux to remove the zero ohm resistor, but now I’m having trouble figuring out what combination of hot air and soldering iron will get it back in place. (I don’t think I can apply solder, I have the smallest filament I could find but its too tiny for that.)

tldr: Getting my butt handed to me by a 0201. (Have done 0402 before.) Keep in mind the Raspberry Pi Zero W is a board about the size of a stick of gum and a 0201 resistor is like a quarter the size of a flea.

Also, has anyone used a RHF0M301 with a Raspberry Pi Zero W yet?

edit: After watching other people struggle, the plan is: dab solder paste if the area is still bare metal, place the 0201, then use hot air and hope for the best.

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goodluck… may the force be with you :wink:

I ordered a Pi Zero W for an diy wireless alexa thingy and did not realize (until now) that you don’t have an external antenna connection so I can’t put it in a metal enclosure.
I’ll follow your struggle …

for voice recognition with RPI I’m struggling with a (cheap) good mic input/output, @ the moment trying with an sony ps3 eye

Pi mobile dev terminal summer edition :sunglasses:


Hi @BoRRoZ and everyone…
Nice topic started.
I tried out the ‘speechrecognition’ package in python. Works like a charm. But in your case is voice recognition different from speech recognition ? I think so !! ??

you’re right, I’m not after recognizing specifically my own voice or accent … just building a diy personal assistant and looking into ‘voice controlled applications’ with open source packages / SDK’s :wink:

I’m waiting for this MIC amp module and this DAC module trying get better audio out and in.
best would be a mic array with a dedicated dsp like this one but digital mic’s are still expensive.

another idea is to let a mic/camera follow you in a room

a really cool example of this technology in a diy project :

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The outdoor gateway with solar will be the same as the mobile with 3/4G, sans the GPS.

So the grouping for gateway interface boards is more like this:

  • lab/desktop for testing/trialing
  • standalone with WiFi or 3/4G backhaul with battery protection (LVD) and optional solar charge controller/GPS
  • urban with PoE backhaul

Outdoor or not is then determined by enclosure/antenna choice really.

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lucky @ an ebay auction : eleduino alu case for RPI3 :sunglasses:

here to… quality looks ok


I’m struggling here lol, does DIO1 need connecting?

I’m just starting … first comparing the received board with probably the original, adafruit feather 32U4 LoRa

and thinking how to fit it in an enclosure

check this

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Thanks, yup got it working - sinking in conflicting lora libraries - plus the DIO1 needed connecting up - nice board, need to do some sleep testing later too

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the idea is to make an outdoor temp sensor, every 10 minutes (adjustable) waking up, measure temp, transmit and back to sleep.

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decided to use this 3v3 i2c temp / humidity sensor - Si7021

special features :


sensor works ( here with adafruit lib) but I’m afraid I don’t have enough memory to fit lmic and lowpower lib later on

external timer so you don’t have to wake up every 8 sec.

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why the battery voltage drop to 2.97v? which code are you using