The WORKBENCH part 5


Welcome to the WORKBENCH part 5.

This is a topic for the TTN’ers, the Builders, the Makers, the Tinkerers.
Here you can showcase, discuss and ask:

  • Your latest project, still under construction or completed
  • Tips and tricks
  • How-to’s
  • Questions like what’s the best chip for…, where to find… etc.
  • And more…

So, any electronics and/or mechanics DIY related to building and/or TTN.

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GW #33 now registered and online with TTN :slight_smile: A few weeks later than planned, after show & tell at TTN-UK Conf, and spending time exploring the user interface and with distractions for other projects.

Plan is to take with me to use in the Cambridge area as a pop-up GW alongside the TTN Cambridge official launch event tomorrow ( TTN Cambridge, UK )…not sure where yet - likely to the north side where I did some trialing 1.5-3 years ago, and where there are few GW’s currently. Over following weeks it will then go to known test/eval sites in N.West then on to N.East before settling to long term test site in the North of England before Xmas (:crossed_fingers: )

Initial impressions - a comprehensive user interface, quick to set up (though not quite as fast as the Laird RG186 or the TTIG - but they has fewer user interface options or settings to deal with - but faster than usual RPi based builds & deployments), somewhat similar experience to setting up my original Multitech MTCAP AEP, though most recent version set up got interupted part way though and may be bricked (:frowning: ) so will need to look at that one when more time allows to time and judge correctly.

A bit more expensive than the TTIG, but looks very stable in initial tests, has source available and importantly isnt ‘just’ WiFi enabled - the Enet port is worth an extra bit of my beer token stash! :wink:

2 main downsides so far are the rigid 90deg ant, which limits deployment orientation (easily swapped out), and more importantly to me legacy only packet forwarder when on external network vs abilty to run Jac’s MP-Forwarder, with ability to give useful name vs usual EUI char string


Picked up a package from PCB’ today with 10 more of @Charles RPi Zero (W)/RAK831 i/f boards for building a few more (OWL) GW’s :slight_smile: Need to check latest BOM and get a quick order into Digi-Key, Mouser or whom ever to get bits in for a Xmas vacation build! (well there are too many repeats on TV anyhow :wink: )

…only problem now is securing 10 more RPi0W’s (not WH’s) as only sold 1 per person - time to resurect recent @PiSupply discussion from the TTN-UK Reading Conf…may need to buy for the kids, wife, neighbours, extended family - well Xmas is coming right! :slight_smile:

Got home last night from another road trip North sorting GW’s, sensors and recovering the above Dragino LPS8 from test site for deployment to new location and found another box of goodies waiting from @edwin1 and the Dragino team :slight_smile:

LGS-92 Tracker, LHT-65 T&H Sensor, and LT-33222-L I/O Controller…have a few contacts and clients looking at these so interesting to get my hands on test units. Guess I will have to pay a bit more attention to the Forum threads on these now - seen lots of post recently esp wrt Tracker… :wink:

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Potentially interesting for more rugged apps…as well as EdgeImpulse (AI/ML) type application copying/targeting?

Treated nicely by the postman today with these 2 circuits boards from friend of the TTN Community & Workshop Hero of the TTC2020 Amsterdam @pe1mew - Arduino Expansion boards providing input/stimulus simulation for Educational/training projects etc.
Details here:

Then seperate delivery of 2 more TTIG’s (UK Version) - have 3 EU Versions on back order for later in the month. Would have ordered 5 x UK but UK version more expensive (why?!) & RS won’t offer qty breaks for UK version in the way they do for EU version so split the order to get a more reasonable average price!


I also need to get the new Tektelic Kona Micro Gateway brought back from TTC2020 online so likely a busy weekend+ (Will take registered GW count to ~35! when done)


Though I think family would prefer me to work on the HD Flatpanel TV that died a few days ago instead! (Intermittent invertor causing screen to blank after a couple of minutes running - simply replace PSU/Invertor board?!)
:sunglasses: :laughing:


If you are inspired by the EdgeImpulse pitch from TTC2020 and the work done by Jan ( @janjongboom ) , Zach, Dan (Hi Guys!) and considering trying some AI/ML activities yourself then perhaps adding these to you workbench/component stock…1 for nodes 1 more for the edge?

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