The WORKBENCH part 3


this is a topic for the DIY TTN’ers, the builders, the makers, the tinkerers
here you can show and ask, chat and have some fun.

So, anything related to (electronical / mechanical) DIY that don’t
fit in other topics ( but is in some way related to building and/or TTN )

our E-pub … come in, have a drink, your welcome!

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…so we have to drink flux if we want the conversation to flow?

Good work @BoRRoZ


thanks :blush:


one of the projects I hope to finish (before August) is this :
a wireless chargeable wifi google assistant ‘pad’ for my old (82) mother, She can’t use a normal computer(mouse/vinger) because she 'trembles with her hands, but she’s very bright.

she can take this with her and just ask what she wants and it answers in DUTCH (works)
I will make it as simple as possible to use and charge.

I realised yesterday that I need some protection for these speakers or you push your thumb through them :weary:

  • found them



now you bought a fit tracker and combine that with your area mapping when walking, I suggest you join LMA too.
LoRaWAN Mappers Anonymus (LMA) use gear like this to walk around and map the area with devices hidden under there coats.


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…just back from mapping around Burnham Beeches nature reserve - just set up a pop-up GW (SMTC LoRa IoT Starter Kit! so didnt have to worry about internet connectivity/backhaul) then popped a LoRaMOTE/GPS tracker in my hat! (Cold out)…Looked a bit silly (too embarrassing to post picture!) but effective test of node at ~1.8m elevation :slight_smile:

Burying under layers of clothing can diminish sign strength esp as some synthetic fibres more RF opaque than expected! (Important to note & test for if considering sensors for lone workers sensors & alarms or 1st responders… :wink: )

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As the first test was quite quite successful and I had all the parts anyway I assembled the left over MiniLora PCBs!


Continuing the discussion from The WORKBENCH part 2:

Well I don’t think its old thinking but more of the modern thinking. Back in the days, CPU power was expensive so algorithms and code was optimized for speed or size (depending what was the bottle neck). Now a days, I see developers asking Sys to crank up there VPS 's because the platform is to slow. :wink:

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uncle Ali… huh :roll_eyes: I didn’t order that…

for a 1 Kw pure sine inverter build - EGP1000W

bought the 2 boards cheap on a blackfriday sale… lots of info to find on google, good and bad :sunglasses:

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Next time you need to leave the K off the end. It is a System on a Chip (SOC) you wanted, not a SOCK :slight_smile:


yep… my mistake :rofl:

Alternatively you ordered 4off of heat-socks ( 2 x matched pairs?!) rather than heat-sinks for that 1Kw inverter! :wink:

A couple of HDMI/VGA convertors arrived today - another Chinese eBay Xmas pressie - following forum exchange with @Borroz last month (year!)…perfect timing as one of my HannsG HD monitors used for testing RPi GW’s lost its HDMI port over Xmas break! :-:scream: leaving just VGA connection…now back in biz :slight_smile:image

no socks ? :rofl:

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…thought you might have a pair going spare…!



bringing UART connection to the bottom pannel for easy updating with
a Mini XLR 4 Pin Audio Microphone Chassis Mount.
I make a dedicated USB-UART cable with this connector.



vintage PDA :sunglasses: … wow, I’m getting really old


Wow, me too…that brings back memories - must dig out the old P5! (Good for serial port work :wink: ) …old…very old…and birthday this week to boot! so +1 ! :frowning: Now where did I put that old StrongARM based P7 netbook? :thinking:

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idea :wink:

Phased Antenna array? (ie directional gateway radiation pattern using multiple transmitters)

close… programmable traffic generator for test purposes (if it ever works :wink: need to hack lmic for that)