The WORKBENCH part 1


yes there is… works between 1.2 and 3 v


my first RAK LoRa module arrived … very curious to compare it with the RN2483

(Jezd) #138

Managed to adapt the sleep code to work on the Badger board too, my DROK usb device wont tell me the uA but its less than 1mA in sleep

(Kreddy) #139

It’s 200 uA measured with a Fluke meter in sleep mode, matches the NAS specification exactly.



(Arjan) #140

Care to share that on, e.g., Getting Badgerboard to work with TTN? (Though I wonder if people still buy that, given the high price and lousy support…)

(Jezd) #141

Yep will do, its nothing special - borrowed code etc


which LoRa module to use for the BRZ TTN stick ? maybe a future PCB that accepts both ? :sunglasses:


probably eth0maz could create one?


I’m sure he can :wink: , but I’m not finished… it’s half of my idea, the other half is a backplate with LION battery / charger/ I2C Grove hub /dcdc converter.
So you can use the stick in your PC and connect a grove sensor to write code and If you slide it in the backplane, it can operate on rechargeable battery power, so it has dual functionality.


lesson learnt, a GROVE connector is not the same as a JST :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
excellent assortiment from KIWI NL… next day delivery
so… that’s fixed :slight_smile:



cayenne temp widget suggestion :sunglasses:

(Jprttn) #147

What are the Settings of your Temperature widget?
It is not a standard “Gauge” widget, is it?


Cayenne asked for ideas … I thought this was a nice enhancement for the basic 'gauge’
Maybe even setting trigger or visualize triggers that way
If Cayenne takes care of the HIGH/AVG/LOW it saves some node energy :smirk:

(Jprttn) #150

I see. It is an improvement idea.
date+time of the last data update on all widgets would be very useful.


they really would like to hear from users what they want


If you do make an average then maybe an automatic 30 day average for example.


testing external interrupts ’ TTN’ stick here with a little PIR

encountered a problem using the beetle 32U4, not all available pins are suited for external interrupts.

Solution that seems to work = the Enableinterupt library


There they are :slight_smile:


PIR LoRaLarm TTN dev stick :sunglasses:

(Jezd) #156

have you done any testing of RN2483A and SF12 OTAA?