The WORKBENCH part 2


very quit … everything ok there in your workshop ? :wink:

(Jeff Uk) #276

Busy, Busy, Busy…!

Been off trialing & negotiating potential new GW sites for BE&C & Warrington communities ready to take some of the new GW’s as well as contributing elsewhere. As well as prepping for an LPWAN/Sigfox/LoRa/LoRaWAN update pitch to a UK industry conf later in the month…

Workbench not idle though! :slight_smile:

Took delivery of a handful of these:-

To wireless enable the RAK pilots and some new builds…forgetting of course that as Pilots are Pi3 based WiFi built in so no dongle needed! :man_shrugging: Still wont go to waste as have Pi 2 builds like this:-

image image

So let me introduce you to Cedric:-

image image

And his cousin Ozzie!:-

image image

Who looks like one fierce Owl by Night! :slight_smile:


He is RPi0W based using an early build of one of @charles bds :smile:



love the owl ! I was thinking using an owl to hide a google assistant

(Jeff Uk) #278

A logical development for gateways from their little cousins Ollie & Barnie from earlier in the year - nodes often used for coverage tests & trials :wink:



choices :sweat:

ok will use this small 128x32 oled

device can do 2 things :

  • single shot on different SF’s
  • scan mode… it will signal you when there’s a TTN gateway in range

(Amedee) #280

Wanted to use a TTGO T5 as low-power display…

… unfortunately that thing still use 8mA in deep sleep :frowning_face:


There is an ‘always-on’ LED, maybe I can win a bit there…


De-soldering the LED brings me to 7mA, not a big win.

Powering the board directly with 3.3v gives a bigger win, I am now at 1.2mA.

I am not keen to remove the LDO, as I won’t be able upload software anymore :roll_eyes:
Remains the LiPo battery charger, but I am not sure it comes into play here.

I think I’ll leave it as-is, or add a TPL5510…






is it a mobile MQTT TTN receiver ?


I like these 128x64 1.8" SPI LCD displays:

I tested one with the U8g2 library with the full framebuffer graphics test example
(using the ST7565_64128N() constructor, not UCX1701X() which didn’t work).

IIRC I measured around 260 uA while active and 14 nA in powersave mode (not using the 16 mA backlight).
In powersave mode the display content is not visible.

(Amedee) #284

Kind of…

The idea is to have a battery powered device to display some data.
MQTT wouldn’t work as it would be too power hungry.
I store all my TTN data in an InfluxDB database, and I expose a simple REST API to retrieve data.

So the ESP32 wakes up now and then (let’s say every hour), collect data, print them on ePaper and go back to sleep. If fresh data is needed, a button can trigger immediate collection.

ePaper is nice for this application as it doesn’t need power to maintain display



first parts for a 2019 project (a Pi-Rack server ) arrived :sunglasses:


Intesting to see. 3 Pi’s on 1HE or even more.
Keep on posting with this project.
I have print once this from

Also for a Pi Project in to a 19" Cabinet


very hard to find single alu Pi backplates, size = 50 x 100 mm (a bit to high for 1HE :disappointed_relieved:)
I imported them from a French audio company… very streamlined order process ‘tres bien :wink:

I don’t know if I make the rack myself or use '10 inch rack materials



4.88 mA sleeping… that’s to much for our LoRaWAN hobby :wink:

(Gry Kyo) #289

Grabbed a few of these on special last month for a remote control/automation on the warehouse/roller shutter in work to keep the warehouse manager happy. He’s always a couple of floors away from the door when the bell rings! Picked up some .mp3 players too for audio warnings. I plan to randomly “leak” qutoes from HAL9000 out of the speaker, just for a laugh!
#micorpython #mqtt #nolora

(LoRaTracker) #290

Interesting indeed.

A lot of stuff needs an ‘proper’ LCD for outdoor use, OLEDs and TFTs are almost unreadable.

The large 20x4 LCDs are great, but large.

Nokia 5110s OK, bit small, but not so reliable.

Those do look interesting.


For when you outgrow your current project, this solution can stash 70 RPi’s in a 3U unit, 980 total in a single 42U rack (V4 even 1350). :sunglasses:

First “REAL” RPI rack V3:


you’re 3D printed gateway enclosure is famous now ! :+1:




Wireless Charging Charger Transmitter + Receiver Power Supply Module 5V 1A Max

1A… really ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: let’s test


* yep… they work as advertised.- so usefull

input 12v - 2A max - out no load 5.19 v

load 1A - 4.55 v
load 0,5A - 4.88 v

with 3mm polycarbonat between coils

(Amedee) #294

Let’s make another one…


(ic880a + ch2i backplane version)