The WORKBENCH part 2


yes correct.

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Oh Wow. Now you have me thinking, didn’t realise it was possible. About to install another 40 Pi’s in an industrial application and this would be very useful. Thanks for sharing the original post.

I installed a Pi with a 15 inch touch screen, HDMI and USB for the touch element as the 7 inch was too small for the application. Worked really well, except when I implemented Interrupts on a GPIO input for a rotary encoder. Some form of noise coming back via the HDMI cable would cause false interrupts on the GPIOs. Really weird, never resolved. A 7 inch touch screen for input commands and a 15 inch display to show machine status would work really well.


but it’s a mirror image ! … so there are not 2 separate framebuffers.
this seems possible too. but for me this simple solution works.
programming on the big screen and when ready touch buttons and graphs on the touchscreen.


something I can’t explain

the lightning bolt icon is flashing :scream:

The lightning bolt means that the Pi is not receiving the required voltage. This may be due to the power supply you are using or the cable (if seperate). You should switch to a better supply/cable as undervolting can lead to SD card corruption and other difficult to trace issues.

when it’s connected to a 3A mean well power supply … that’s not enough ?


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Are you using good quality USB connectors? Possibly high resistance during high load prompting your power indicator?


good point… probably not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



new tools


safety first



great idea(s) :sunglasses:





finally in operation… my workbench 2.0 :blush:


They are indeed real nice. I still remember doing year end inventory on them > 25 years ago which was a full day job. They are expensive and still available. .



this is a old tube TV wall mount I bought for 3 euro at a ‘kringloop winkel’ in english ‘recycle store ?’
now in use as a movable soldertool platform.



yep… worth the whole 4 euro :wink:

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@BoRRoZ does it also measure the effective capacity of the battery?


No, not if you mean it tells you the capacity in mA of the battery.

you could see it as a 1-7 channel smart voltmeter which tells you

  • highest / lowest cell voltage
  • totaal voltage (%)
  • highest/lowest difference between cells.

So if you have multiple batteries connected with a balance board. you can see the status off each battery fast.
You can use it as a ‘capacity’ meter for a single 18650 .
4.2 v full = 100 % and 2.8 v empty = 0 % (I guess)

I used it here to test the balance board


for building a heavy LiPo charger (16.8 V - 10 A) I found these cheap meanwell AC/DC adapters.
2 in series and I can adjust it the way I want.

NL -





A lot off my Workbensh is comming from “Van dijken Electronica”
Also often on HamRadio Days to visit them



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Not sure about quality of these ones I found but the 2A “Laptop styled” power supply died on my CCTV DVR/server at home. I purchased two of the 12V 3A units here for €10 shipped to Ireland. If they seem to do what they claim I will return with news. On the basis that it would cost €10 for fuel alone driving to an electrical wholesaler these are technically for free!


yes you can find many ‘China’ AC/DC adapters… and some of them are really good, MEANWELL is one of the best brands in that area (and more expensive to) especially if you need output of 10 amps and higher


building mini UPS



hmmm… it was bigger and better readable on eBay when I bought it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


  • found the ‘hidden’ backlight button… a little bit better now :blush:


  • plans changed… it’s now a 2S2P with balance board