The WORKBENCH part 3

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Now what are you up to?


’ Do You Want a Receipt for Your Packets ? ’ … :sunglasses:

arduino uno code
 ttnlogo on GOOJPRT QR701 58mm Mini Embedded Receipt Thermal Printer TTL
-power from a separate supply min 5-9v - 2 A !

BMP to .h converter howto :

#include "Adafruit_Thermal.h"
#include "ttnlogo.h"

#include "SoftwareSerial.h"

#define TX_PIN 5 // Arduino transmit  blue   
#define RX_PIN 6 // Arduino receive   yellow

SoftwareSerial mySerial(RX_PIN, TX_PIN); 
Adafruit_Thermal printer(&mySerial);     

void setup() {

  printer.printBitmap(ttnlogo_width, ttnlogo_height, ttnlogo_data);

void loop() {
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I’m using cheap ‘drone’ parts for a non-drone LoRaWAN POC… general nerdism :wink:
it’s for a wireless streaming video analyses with RPI that triggers a loramodule - experiment, waiting for receiver


I did a project earlier with a RPi and tensor flow, worked nicely. Trained it for traffic outside, it could see the difference between bikes, cars, trucks. How do you plan to feed the analogue video from the receiver to the pi for analysis? Is that possible?

I ordered this receiver and found online that it works on RPI… works as a webcam then, but wireless

there is a lot of this material , I’m not a drone pilot So I don’t know what’s good or bad…its a gamble :roll_eyes:
transmitters -
cameras -


for the Tx side I ordered this video pal camera + 5.8 transmitter


Ah a receiver with usb out. Interesting! That could work indeed.

Soldering the SMD components of the shield for the IoT class node with a cooker. Never before I have soldered SMD so nicely.


brilliant… and now, how to implement that with ‘leftover’ wires pieces :thinking:


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progress ! :smile: drilled a few holes for the senior citizen booksized ridgid google assistant


and to make it more ridgid I ordered a few of these
Rubber Clear Table Desk Corner Edge Guard Cushion Baby Safe Protectors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



huh… just playing a bit and testing if the TTIG is back online.
with a setup taped to my PC with a 3dbi antenna indoors

So I transmit a 3 byte payload at 20 db SF12 and got metadata from nine gateways back.

One 43 km away… is there something in the air tonight ?
I’ve 'seen :

Croeselaan - Utrecht
Betaplein - Leiden
Eschertoren - Leiden
all from Zwijndrecht (near Rotterdam)

  • checked today after a coffee , seems I’ve forgot to set the power output, So maybe that’s why :roll_eyes:

:thinking: Hummm - 23db(m) EIRP? major breach of EU regs!..who do I report you to?! :grinning:


LTH5200 OTAA on TTN - testing

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Next batch of 5205’s just arrived…mix of SMA & iPX, along with samples of the new housings for test - with & without Solar panel…competition for the ‘Nut’ tins! :wink:

Along with 2 more RAK Fibre Glass Antenna’s for upgrading a couple of the TTN deployed gateways from indoor to outdoor use to improve coverage & range :tada:


I’m curious what your impression is of that new RAK outdoor gateway Jeff :sunglasses:

and who are your clients… what are their use cases,can you elaborate a bit
* I just realise… maybe all these sensors and gateways are for your own house and garden :wink:

Didn’t their fibre glass antenna get terrible results when tested?

I tested a 915MHz yesterday and it was very good. VSWR was around 1.2 and centred on 915MHz. Will be testing against a few others in near future

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I think the reviews are on here somewhere, maybe they’ve done work to improve

Actually they’re all just for my shed!..
GW review coming (un-boxing pic’s & review done and video in editing with a friend!), build review & video delayed a bit as was waiting on antenna’s so bench test was running a bit behind - also coming soon. Field test at a designated site (next to 2 other GW’s for comparison) scheduled for next week :wink: Been focused short term on solving POC issues with the 5205’s for a client which delayed long term field tests by ~2 weeks.

As for clients…probably cover every major use case for LoRa/LoRaWAN over last few years, and a lot of my consulting & support work is helping evangelise and train on IoT basics as well as CxO/VP & Snr Management level intro’s to LoRa, and helping product developers define/specify and test/improve product/features/usability,etc., and helping prospective end users and system integrators estimate and confirm potential area/site coverage for use cases, etc …will PM you later vs open forum :wink:

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Received the 1st variant of new Wireless Charging coils & circuits for use with the RAK5205 tracker POC :slight_smile:


Only problem is a few mm too wide for current 3D housing… :frowning:image

…but that’s the beauty of 3D prototyping …I’ll just stretch the design a few mm and print another box! :grin:

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