The WORKBENCH part 3

(Tony Smith) #203

I tested a 915MHz yesterday and it was very good. VSWR was around 1.2 and centred on 915MHz. Will be testing against a few others in near future

(Jezd) #204

I think the reviews are on here somewhere, maybe they’ve done work to improve

(Jeff Uk) #205

Actually they’re all just for my shed!..
GW review coming (un-boxing pic’s & review done and video in editing with a friend!), build review & video delayed a bit as was waiting on antenna’s so bench test was running a bit behind - also coming soon. Field test at a designated site (next to 2 other GW’s for comparison) scheduled for next week :wink: Been focused short term on solving POC issues with the 5205’s for a client which delayed long term field tests by ~2 weeks.

As for clients…probably cover every major use case for LoRa/LoRaWAN over last few years, and a lot of my consulting & support work is helping evangelise and train on IoT basics as well as CxO/VP & Snr Management level intro’s to LoRa, and helping product developers define/specify and test/improve product/features/usability,etc., and helping prospective end users and system integrators estimate and confirm potential area/site coverage for use cases, etc …will PM you later vs open forum :wink:

(Jeff Uk) #206

Received the 1st variant of new Wireless Charging coils & circuits for use with the RAK5205 tracker POC :slight_smile:


Only problem is a few mm too wide for current 3D housing… :frowning:image

…but that’s the beauty of 3D prototyping …I’ll just stretch the design a few mm and print another box! :grin:



uhhhh 15 dBi - 220 cm

(Abhishek2101) #208

I have ordered the same outdoor gateway with battery backup board and external antennas. Do you know if they support BasicStation protocol ?

(Jac Kersing) #209

Which LoRaWAN backend have you found that supports BasicStation protocol right now?

(Gry Kyo) #210

I have no way to test my RAK fiberglass antenna, I don’t have equipment but have not found it to be much different to a small sma type antenna when out trying TTN Mapper. Not willing to point the finger however as I really have no way to know which is “betterer” or which is “worser” than the other!!!

(Slaven) #211

Does anybody know where can I find this antenna connector footprint (SMA and U.FL) for Eagle (or any other library)?


The LIBRARY basement part 8

_thinking ’ if I use an 8x8 led matrix I can easily visualize a gateways activity on all channels receiving TTN’s meta data on a RPI zero – LoRaVU™

So 8 ‘lightbeams’ , reflecting the channels and the signal strength. ( a color led matrix could show green led’s for TTN traffic and red for KPN’s :wink: )
Portable (wifi) and small and maybe useless So worth building.

The single mini blue led matrix I had in stock is not very interesting to watch, So I ordered a bigger 8x8 Bicolor LED matrix (red / green / yellow)

* think I made a stupid mistake - you can’t subscribe to everything that a GW under my control received, So I can’t filter hence not control the matrix leds :scream:
sure it works for an specific application or a specific sensor but that’s not what I wanted in the first place

difficult to capture



(Gry Kyo) #214

Some tiles due here any day now for an other Micropython project but decent size and one pin/wire and all colours has to be a win!

(Slaven) #215

Do you have problems with BME280 sensors in outdoor use? I have one and it stuck on 52% of humidity. Also have some problems before with BME280.
Do you have advice for positioning, enclosure and things like that? Thanks!


hardware stored for a rainy day :roll_eyes:


did you try a hairdryer… maybe there is moisture inside




powerunit (16000 mA / 2x 7565121 lipo) for the 'senior citizen assistant.

I always ‘pack’ lipo’s in handheld and outdoor projects, in extra Kapton tape.
They can handle high temps and give some extra protection
some extra shielding for possible body interference from the hands

going to mount this BIG round diffused dual color LED as feedback indicator.
did google understand your question ? is the device on ? need the battery charged ? do we have internetconnection ?

test while waiting for 'soft on/off parts

(Jeff Uk) #220

Finished hardware build for the RAK5205 Tracker with Qi Wireless Charging, had to expand case slightly as charge coil/circuit bigger than planned! The USB charged version is some 0.5cm smaller. Shown here next to RAK tracker housings for comparison
image image
In use on charging pad here (when charging the translucent plastic allows the internal red charging led to shine though :slight_smile: )

Have also received (yesterday) the new Onethinx module/Kit

Only problem now is do I finish the Tracker PoC work and s/w dev, finish the RAK DIY/Enterprise GW Build/test deployment/review write up or look at the new toy from Onethinx :thinking: … or get on with rest of the day job!? :scream:


nice… wireless charging !

(Jeff Uk) #222

Using a 3.7v 1200mAh LiPo with 20 min GPS updates and 10-12 min mems updates (T/H/Pressure/x-y-z acel) + battery status I get just under ~2 full days operation with charging from flat to ~80% capacity taking 2-3 hrs and 100% 4-5Hrs. Fits nicely with the clients planned 1-2 working day use with end of shift charging potential (end of day/overnight)…if forgotten/missed one day enough capacity for 2nd day before charging. Need to spend time improving lower power modes and optimising update rates based on client feedback from use over next month or 2…