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After treading on several land mines I have my Heltec ESP32 working on Au915 to TTN via Meshed.
I had to move from to the console to be able to add integrations. Why are these consoles different ?
I have the integration HTTP ‘pushtogooglesheets’ working sporadically in batches.
I WAS testing with a 16 byte payload "Hi " at 9 second intervals for 4 or 5 x 30 minute sessions over the past 24 hours ( SF7/BW125). This was to visually map the signal strength on our complex site with our new gateway.

The traffic from this device and App is always seen on our Gateway as shown on the TTN Console, Gateway, Traffic page.
But the traffic is only seen for between 30 and 100 Counts then nothing for hours in the APP section on the Console.
Is TTN or Meshed blocking my ‘over active’ node ?
( Edit: added text for clarification)

Thanks for any help or direction of the appropriate thread to ask these questions.


@jbkiwi this sounds like the same issue we were having?

Welcome @Zukjeff
Just to confirm…

You see all the packets on the in console in the Gateway Traffic tab but only some of the packets in the Application Data tab?

Also… is your gateway using meshed-router and your app using meshed-handler? This is the ideal combination, so that there are no cross-region issues.

There’s no blocking being done. I would expect that every (valid) packet on the gateway shows up in the app.

9 seconds, as you’re aware, is too frequent, but you should still see the data.

1 That is correct. The data in the App Data tab comes down without an losses then just stops for 1 to 3+ hours.

2 Yes the Gateway is pointing to the meshed-router.
Hmm… i think the App was created before i had to move to the meshed console/site.
I will check ( and lower repeat time). Thanks for the hint Andrew.

Yes the App is using the meshed-handler.

Dev Overview status and frame count and Dev data are not updating again today.

I need to do more reading …

edit: route info from gateway.

Our old mate FCnt got me.
Each time i reset or powercycled the node the Traffic would be rejected until the up count was above the last highest count.

Time to move to otaa.