TheThingsNetwork and RFM9x

Hi there! Does anyone know if there is a way to connect TheThingsNetwork with RFM9x module through SPI and not Serial communication?

There must be lots of tutorials out there using the RFM9x through SPI, you have no choice, the RFM9x does not support a serial connection.

Really? And how do I send data from a RFM9x LoRa module to TheThingsNetwork?

Your Microcontroller sends the data to the RFM9x via the SPI interface and the RFM9x then transmits it as a LoRa packet as radio waves which the Gateway receives.

OK Plan B, I won’t use TheThingsNetwork…

Thanks anyways!

This is both so sad and so funny:

Just use the Adafruit instructions for their product which you have, the instructions that tell you how to use the device to connect to TTN …