Things Network Payload and Payload_raw, fields


I have setup HTTP integration which relays device data to my custom endpoint URL and from then it is posted onto the Fiware.
In Things Network applications Data tab I can see
Now here FF0E07130000FF0E0813BB10030000040000 is mentioned as payload and
“chn7”: 0,
“chn8”: 4283,
“gpio1”: “off”,
“gpio2”: “off”
this is mentioned as fields.
So I am confused in both fields are pretty easy to understand but payload is encoded.
And I am not sure it is the representation of fields. So my question is, are fields and payload one and the same. Just like payload is encoded version of fields or it is altogether different.

Also at Fiware end it is showing in this format where I am relaying my device data using HTTP integration.
Here I can relate payload fields to each other in both the pictures. But Payload from Things Network console and payload_raw from Fiware are making me confused as they are both encoded version of the payload fields.

@arjanvanb can you please help me understand it.


What does the application/device page on console tell you about what is happening/what is it seeing? Device joined correctly? If not joined you won’t see any downstream processing of data….

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