ThingSpeak / Node-Red / Ubidots / thingsboard or other iot platform?

Hello, which IoT platform do you recommend for making a mobile app or web app for controlling lights with light controllers in class C?

Actually, we are going to control over 20 luminaires.
P.S. Maybe in the future, make a map to see the distribution of the lights and see if they are on or off

You appear to be trying to build a commercial application that exceeds the normal use of TTN via a sequence of questions with almost no prior investigation.

If you want a mobile app, how does a dashboard figure in to the equation?

If you want a web app, how does a dashboard figure in to the equation?

What is the difference between a mobile app & a web app?

Is a dashboard an IoT platform?

Can you categorise Node-RED as a dashboard?

Your topic title is a classic X-Y example - how do I build X with Y - rather than what should I use to build X with. The one thing we are not in short supply of at present is websites that help people build web & mobile apps - perhaps frequenting a few of them could help you be more specific in your questions rather than just a fishing expedition.

Please let the people answer my question. This forum is free.

i have only used node-red for my projects

build any thing from sensor monitoring alerting and control

not only or lorawan projects but also plc

you can use it for ingesting data into a db and and querying it to a dashboard

controlling/sending/receiving commands to plc/nodes and back to your application

as a single low code package one of the most useful tools you can have

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No one is stopping anyone who wants to answer to answer.

Only in your eyes maybe. Not so much for TTI Accounts dept.

For the rest, people pay for it using their most precious commodity, one they can never get back, their time.

And how does that work as a web &/or mobile app?

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