This newbie can't connect Dragino LGT92 device

Hi - sorry if this question is similar to others. I am stuck at zero.
I created a new application and added an end-device: the Dragino LGT92 GPS tracker. It was charged and ON.
The package did not include any info on the hardware or firmware versions so I used the defaults (unknown, and 1.6.4, respectively. see screenshot)

The console logged “create end device” but that was all.
I drove around my city (San Jose, CA, USA) for an hour visiting hot spots shown on ttnmapper. (see pic) But nothing else appeared in the ‘live data’ window.

I assume this means I am unable to even join the network.
But I don’t know why. Wrong settings? Not enough gateways in my area?
Any help you can offer to get me off zero is appreciated. Thank you.

TTN Setup - Redacted
TTNMap-San Jose CA


unfortunately, I cannot enlarge the pictures and do not recognize what is on them.


Generally in a PC browser (e.g. FFox) right click selected image and select open in new tab is one way… or find way to open in new tab or new windo on your prefered platform/browser…usually get larger image and then ability to zoom or copy out and zoom in a picture manipulation package…looks like south bay area around ElCamino Real & Lawrence Express Way intersection…had many a trip & happy days over there… :slight_smile:

@thomasdr & @Jeff-UK - please note that this thread is from Aug 2021 and appears somewhat dormant.

Yes, just providing generic advice… :slight_smile:

BTW if you ever find yourself on El Camino Real there used to be a great Wine merchants - Beltramo’s? Not sure if still there but you might appreciate (Think it was up Palo Alto end IIRC)