Timeline for v3 stack public TTN deployment


Such a fantastic community here! We’ve really enjoyed engaging with you all.

Question: Is there an estimated timeline for when the v3 stack will be pushed out publicly to replace the current TTN? I could not find an updated general timeline.

Thank you!


Check the conference videos recorded for the virtual conference…

@kersing, thank you. I see there are many videos and I have watched some of them. Do you happen to know the timeline, as it was not made clear to me by these. Thank you!

I watched too many sessions during that day and am not sure when it was mentioned. The problem with too many sessions is that I don’t trust my memory and I don’t want to spread false information.
The best I can do is point refer to a picture presented during the conference in Amsterdam:
The quarters mentioned are q1-q3 of 2020.

May-be @johan can confirm this is still valid? Or provide (point to) an update?

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Yes, this is still the plan. We’re currently finalizing our Cloud Hosted deployment, running V3. And when that’s all working, we’ll start working on data migration tooling and setting up a V3 environment for the community network.


@johan Very exciting! Thank you for the update. Very much looking forward to this.

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