Timestamp Hour Behind on Things Network

My gateway is set to GMT+1 time zone, but the time I’m getting on the Things Network seems to be working off UTC time. This means I’m an hour behind. I’ve tried finding settings in the Things Network to change this, but there doesn’t seem to be any.

Does anyone know how to change the time zone to GMT+1, or am I approaching this the wrong way?

Where and for what purpose do you want to set the time zone?
For display in the console (should be using the browser settings)?
For data sent to your application (data should be clearly martked as being UTC and you need to modify it yourself if you need something else)?
Or somewhere else?

I’m displaying the timestamp on my website, so it needs to be correct for my location. As of now, its 23:24, but the timestamp on the JSON file will be 22:24. Do I have to convert this with code, or can it be changed elswhere?

TTN documentation lists it as being UTC so if you need the time in a different zone you need to convert it yourself. That probably needs code, however that depends on what technology you are using and what it is capable of handling. It can’t be changed at TTN side.

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I see, I’ll have to look at some more code. Thank you.