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Because the uCurrent Gold is often out of stock and we needed some additional features, we have introduced the tinyCurrent as an alternative.



Recently I received this Expert RF Powermeter from Russia.
The device was sealed in shrink foil and send in a plastic container together with 2 attenuators and a pigtail cable.

You can use this tool to check if nodes are transmitting and to obtain an indication of the transmission power of these nodes.

The RF Powermeter has different, fixed measuring frequencies and it is possible to view the transmission signal in what’s called the “Fill Mode”. In addition, other measurement settings are also possible (see specs in link below)


Power output RN2483 (Microchip mote)
You can switch the readout in mW or dBm. Unfortunately, the value in the display is only visible for a short period of time during the transmission, so during the measurement you should pay attention and watch the screen.


Power output ESP32 Heltec node
10dBm?? I have measured several Paxcounters … some came to 8 mW.


Fill Mode measurement DR5 SF7

Fill Mode measurement DR0 SF12

My 3D printed enclosure

RF Powermeter

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There is a new alternative called tinyCurrent with some nice enhancements like BNC connector and possibility to increase the dynamic range by up to factor three.


yes… we know :wink:


According to the listed specifications the dynamic range can be increased up to factor two (2.04).

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Let me detail this:

With just a CR2032 battery you can double the range by tweaking the voltage divider’s ratio – 1.5V vs. 3.0V.
When you hook up an external power source with 5.5V (possible through the JST connector) then you can actually achieve factor 3.66 – 1.5V vs. 2.75V.

Bonus: you can overdrive the thing for up to 6.5V or even more (voiding warranty) :wink:


Voiding warranty is a bonus? :thinking: :wink:


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