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Cool – I definitely need to put mine in the network :slight_smile:

(Lolsborn) #65

I just purchased the miniVNA tiny. Haven’t had time to even try it out yet. How do you like the pocketVNA? There seems to be much less information about it on the web.




I guess this one also fits in your ‘not in this lifetime’ category? :wink:


How to upgrade your Siglent SDS1104X-E 100MHz scope to a 200MHz SDS1204X-E.

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Slightly off topic but I am also starting to work on the power consumption of TTGO t-beam.
What is the best and inexpensive way to measure micro/ nano ampre? And would you build a separate unit (maybe an arduino uno or an old ESP32/ 8266) to data log it’s power consumption?

Ttgo T-beam

if available, try to get a yCurrent from eevblog. It‘s still the best :blush:


The link on that page for buying in Europe is outdated. Try this one instead:

Note: the uCurrent is often out of stock.

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Thank you all. But it’s out of stock… any other suggestions?

(Coeus) #73

What about Prova Digital Multi Metre 903?

It has datalogging functional and some other features that sounds useful for a relatively inexpensive price tag.

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I have a uCurrent Gold, and I rarely use it.

Put your multimeter on the uA range and short across it with a bit of wire. When you want to measure how many uA your project is using (after putting it to sleep perhaps) remove the bit of wire.

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I wasn’t dealing with low power consumption so my multimeter isn’t even on the uA range. So I thought it’s time to get one and maybe with more functions that I may find it useful based your you guys experience…


This might be useful - I bought this for ~€40 - it has a 600uA range -

(Eric VdB) #77

I have the following multimeter and very satisfied with it:

Brymen BM257s

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If your using the multimeter in the mA range, measure the voltage across the multimeter at a typical current.

In the mA range the uCurrent Gold has a burden voltage of 1mV for each mA. If your multimeter is the same or less than this then I see no particular advantage in using a uCurrent Gold.


You can buy a uCurrent here



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I wrote a post about how I typically measure sleep currents for projects, see here;

Not that with this low cost approach the burden voltage is (with the Fluke multimeter) 10 times lower than with a uCurrent Gold. I have another multimeter, an OWAN B35T where the burden voltage is 20 times lower.


Where did you see that uCurrent has a burden voltage of 1mV / uA (aka 12.9mV for 12.9uA) ?

Spec ( ) says: 10uV / uA.

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Your right of course, its the output that is 1mV per uA.