Transmit down link message failure

Good Day, everyone, I am using a Mikrotik Lr8 Wap gateway ([]) with a +6.5dbi antenna.([MikroTik Routers and Wireless - Products: Antenna kit for LoRa®]).

We see that the join accepts for my devices has been scheduled by the Network Server without any errors. However, the Join Accept downlinks seem to be not reaching the devices. Hence the devices are in a continuous join loop.

We see that the downlinks (including Join Accept downlinks) are failed at the gateway with the error messages TX_POWER. The cause for this error seems to be the requested power is not being supported by the physical gateway.

I have more than one of these gateways configured exactly the same way however this one is giving me this error, so im abit confused as to why that would be. does anyone know of any possible ways to rouble shoot or solve this problem?

I’m happy to share more information if needed.

Does any

Are the working and not working gateways at the same firmware level?

Yes, They are exactly identical as far I understand.they were purchased from the same place at the same time. is there anyway i can confirm this?

Look at the version information in system, packages.

There have historically been issues with the network commanding a power that is within range, but not a literal entry in the gateway’s compensation table.

Most gateway installations should have that fixed by now, but that’s why it’s important to check the exact version running.

It would also be useful to give the details of the downlink that’s being rejected - especially the power commanded, but other details as well.

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It seems i was wrong, please see:

One of the gateways was running the following(this was the GW giving the issues):
and the other one which was working fine was the following:

Do I just download and install the latest version for both?

Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback. I have downloaded and installed the latest firmware version for all the gateways. I have rebooted the and will keep an eye out for the downlink message failures and keep you posted if it occurs again.

Please make sure to go to ‘System’ - ‘Routerboard’ and run upgrade there as well if you didn’t do so already.

Thank you, I have just completed the firmware upgrade aswell.
I suppose now i just continue monitoring the gateway packets to see if the downlinks are sending succesfully?

This resolution seemed to fix the issue, the gateways are working as required and downlinks are being sent through succesfully.

Thank you so much @kersing

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