Trouble connecting the TTOG to the TTN through LTE/3G sim card

Hello all,

I have The Things Outdoor Gateway (TTOG). It was previously connected to the TTN through an Ethernet network. Recently, I tried to connect it through the LTE/3G sim card but was unable to do that.

I connected all the antennas (GPS, LTE, LoRaWAN) then I connected the PoE injector output cable to the Gateway ethernet connector and connected the PoE input cable to my laptop ethernet connector not the network (router) as now I want to connect it by sim card. Also, the reason I connected it to my laptop is that I wanted to access the ODU GUI and enter the APN of my sim card provider.

Looking through the manual and the TTN webiste, it says:

" Did you connect the gateway via 3G/LTE? It will take a few minutes before the gateway will start routing messages. To open the ODU GUI again, you can access the web interface via the fallback IP address: You will need to set your PC’s IP address in the same range, e.g.: IP address: Subnet Mask: Router:"

This is exactly what I did but I was still unable to access the ODU GUI. When I enter the IP in the web browser, I get messages like “This site can’t be reached” and “page taking too long to respond”

I’m sort of new to the IoT field and would appreciate your suggestions.

Do you think I need to connect it through Ethernet network again, and from there enter the APN and activate the LTE/3G option? If so, how can I access the ODU GUI when using the 3G/LTE sim card? For your information, I changed two sim cards with different providers and still didn’t manage to connect it.

Thank you in advance!

Possible a simple/dumb question but was the router providing PoE power also? You have a seperate PoE injector providing power, right? (Your laptop wont provide PoE…)

Personally I would configure over the original Ethernet connection to confirm the Cell connection correct and up and running and stats visible in management gui, then switch out the Ehernet feed to run on Cell only (with your PoE injector for power only of course). I dont have a TOG to verify but I know e.g. RAK7249 allows addition of e.g. OpenVPN client function to then allow remote management over cellular, if I chose not to manage over local WiFi connection (does the TOG have wifi?) or an etheernt drop cable to the attach .e.g. laptop as you initially described

Thanks for answer. Yes, the TTOG has a PoE injector output cable that connects between the gateway and the electric power supply. This is different from the PoE injector input cable that I connected to my laptop. The PoE injector cable is designed to get data and should be connected to network Ethernet but since I’m using sim card, I’m not sure if connecting it to my laptop makes sense. Also, if we assume that it should be connected to a router, how can I access the ODU GUI on my laptop? As far as I know, the TTOG does not have a Wi-Fi.

I think I should take your suggestion and connect it through original Ethernet network, from there accessing the ODU GUI, and enable the LTE/3G option by entering the APN of my sim card provider.