Trouble getting an Eastron SDM630 meter to send data


I’m having real trouble getting an Eastron SDM630 meter to send any data to my gateway.
I have triple-checked DevEUI, AppEUI and AppKey.
I have also numerous re-link attempts – the meter keeps telling me that it is successfully linked to the gateway.
So finally I contacted Eastron Europe who put me onto someone technical who told me that I was missing a downlink to send to the meter. This would then result in the meter sending its data every 30 minutes. I was sent the hex downlink, entered it and, again, triple-checked it. All seems correct - but still no data being sent uplink from the gateway (having waited over an hour).

The only thing I can think is that the downlink packet isn’t being sent to the correct LoRa FPort. I’ve tried the same port I used for a Watteco sensor (125) but perhaps that’s wrong. Does anyone know the correct FPort to send downlinks to Eastron ? Or can you suggest what else I might try ?

Many thanks in anticipation

How does it know? Nodes connect to the network (server) not GW’s - they have no way of knowing who or what is talking to them or who is listening - only info in the LNS can tell you that.

Shooting in the dark and a brute force mechanism - literally hundreds of FPorts - what does the

tell you to use?

What do you see on the GW console when starting the meter and attempting to join or otherwise communicate with the network?

The “someone technical” didn’t tell me which FPort to use – that’s one of the issues. And yes I realise that trying 224 different ports is brute force, but I have no other avenues open to me right now given my current LoRa knowledge.

The last time I uploaded the configuration to my hub, I got this:


And what is “this”? Where is it from? What does it tell us to help you resolve this?

Strip it right back to the basics:

  • Is the device configured for OTAA or ABP?
  • What do you see in your gateway console on TTN?
  • What do you see in the device console on TTN?

Until you (we) are sure that the device is connected to the network (it does NOT connect to the gateway), sending a configuration downlink is pointless.

Does the device have a serial console that you can connect to, to see what’s going on?

Do you have a link to the device manual(s).

If any of this is unfamiliar, please read

If your RSSI is -21 then your node is to close to your gateway, you need 10m plus and a brick wall between your gateway and node, you are aiming for -55 to -65 max RSSI.

LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network ) a few meters are to close.

Or perhaps pass the configuration issues of the sensor you bought from Eastron, back to Eastron.

They do appear to be selling it as a ‘LoRaWAN’ sensor so one might expect them to support it.

If it dont work, and they wont support it, send it back ?

WHich hub? WHere is this from?

Note if you are seeing -21dbm RSSI then sad to say THEY ARE SHOUTING AT EACH OTHER! and likely even if GW decodes/forwards ok without distortion induced CRC errors or channel bleed likely the response back from GW to Node also overloading etc front end causing similar issues. Recommend min 3, pref 10 meters distance and even then best with some absorber in between - wall, thick window etc. look for RSSI to be in range -65 - -110 when debugging worst case -50 --115 then you know you are not battling self induced RF issues vs configuration & set-up problems

Have you asked? What does documentation tell you? Or have you lost contact details? did you get through to them last time? Try again?