Try to join, no answer

Hello, pretty new here discovering LoRa.
My setup is follow: raspberry with a PiSupply LoRa node pHat, outdoor on my balcony
Where i do live (zurich) according TTN map there should be more gateway covering my area.

When i start a simple program to join and send the well know “hello world” (from here: here) i see all working till “joining” and it stuck till i get a timeout error.

in the TTN console i see packages arriving but thats it . no hello world…
I don’t anymore understand what’s wrong.

Is possible there is too much distance between my node and gateways thus i don’t get the answer?

Thank you

I have the same problem. I don’t think the distance would be a problem since I have my own gateway next to the node. Please let us know if you solve the issue.

Keep at least 5 meters between any nodes and your gateway. Nodes closer to a gateway may experience issues due to crosstalk between frequencies (caused by high RF signal levels)

But the data sends over and displays on the TTN page when using ABP

ABP does not require downlinks for the activation. For OTAA, downlinks are needed, and the following applies as for the distance:

The distance may also be too large, or the node may fail to receive the Join Accept (if any!) for other reasons. See some debugging steps in OTAA activation fails - is this caused by distance?, Can I use TTN without my own gateway if one is nearby? and OTAA no Join Accept after changing batteries.

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[SOLVED] The transmission is now working just fine. Thanks to @arjanvanb and @kersing for your advice.