Trying to create a node with a Cytron Shield-LoRa-RFM on Arduino Uno

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Note: This is my first attempt with LoRaWAN, the Arduino IDE, the Ardunio Uno and the Dragino LoRa/GPS HAT.

TTN Gateway: eui-b827ebfffffc46a3 – Dragino - Lora/GPS HAT - 915Mhz

The Gateway is connected and seems to work.

I am trying to setup an Arduino Uno with a Cytron 915 Shield-LORA-RFM to send messages to the gateway.

I have tried the rf95_client sketch from but it does not seem be correct to connect to TTN. It does not provide for the input of Device Address, Network Session Key and App Session Key – which, I think, are required.

Can anyone suggest the proper sketch that I require?




off course not… This is an example tutorial of point-to-point wireless communication between 2 Arduinos using RFM LoRa Shields.

that’s why I don’t understand your remark ’ The Gateway is connected and seems to work

I suggest you start reading a bit about The Things Network and LoRaWAN … here :wink:

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Hi: My raspberry pi 3 / Dragino LoRa/GPS HAT is connected on TTN as gateway “eui-b827ebfffffc46a3”, just north of Montreal, Quebec, Canada - that is what i meant by “connected”.

Thank you for your time,


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I also tried the sketch that Andreas Spiess used in his “#117 DIY LoRa Node with Arduino and Dragino Shield connected to TTN LoRaWAN” youtube video:

I thought that that might work but it did not.


I see now that your single channel ! gateway is indeed connected

what’s important now is to find out how the connections of that Cytron board are so you can adjust some lmic settings in the arduino sketch.

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It seems that my “Arduino Uno with a Cytron 915 Shield-LORA-RFM” is registered as a a device, ie it says registered.

Can someone suggest how to send a message to my gateway?

When I use the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor after, uploading the sketch, to “SEND” - nothing happens on my gateway under Received Messages. My gateway is active.


  • what sketch ? and only a link
  • did you change the sketch with the credentials you’ve received when registering your device in your application ?

if you want an answer you have to provide exactly what sketch you use in your single channel gateway and what sketch you use in your node.
did you find the board connections from your shield ?
both need to be on the same channel and that is configured in both sketches, together with the way the node joins the network… ABP or OTAA

also I suggest to search this forum more… there are many examples how to configure

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Hi BoRRoZ:

I followed the step-by-step example provided by Cytron linked below but still not working.
I really do not understand why it does not work.

Thank you, again, for your time. :slight_smile:

What sketch ?

Did you change the sketch with the credentials you’ve received when registering your device in your application ? Yes
My Raspberry Pi 3 settings:
• Spreading factor: SF7
• Frequency: 902300000
• Server1:
• Port: 1700
• sspin: 6
• dio: 7
• RST: 0

1. At the product Description ends with: * This is LoRa Radio shield, it does not contain LoRaWAN protocol, so the Arduino main board will require more program to store the LoRaWAN stack. I did nothing with my Arduino Uno other than remove it from its’ shipping box and then attaching the Cytron shield.
2. Sketch error: “ ‘LMIC_selectSubBand’ was not declared in this scope.” I read here,, to just comment out “LMIC_selectSubBand()” which is what I have done.
3. When I run the sketch, the Serial Monitor displays output like this: ⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮e[⸮⸮⸮]⸮⸮⸮⸮⸮#⸮#R⸮j⸮⸮NO⸮⸮