TTG not connecting to server (ttn-router-us-west)

My The Things Gateway has not connected to the server in 4h after months of no issues.
Router is ttn-router-us-west. LED #4 slow blinks (Connecting).
Is there a know problem? Anyone having trouble?

Same happens to me . It seems that this happened 2 days ago

I am also have the same issue my things network gateway is unable to connect to ttn-router-is-west

It’s been 4 days since my gateway has been seen as well, using the us-west router. Not sure if that’s the weak link, but the TTN network status suggests that the NOC and Cross Region Traffic Exchange services are experiencing problems.

I switched to eu packet broker on the console then power cycled the gateway. That worked.

I’m still having this problem with ttn-router-us-west… Any ideas?