TTGO Lora V2 Help

I’m pretty new at LoRa and TTN.
I have my Mikrotik KNOT Gateway set up and its sending data to TTN.

I have a couple TTGO Lora V2 with OLED that I have been desperately trying different example codes with no luck.
I Just wanted to have the push button, or GPIO contact switch send the status for now, and even better control a relay.
I know how to register a device etc on TTN and can figure out most of that.
My issue is any time I find code, and compile it, there is some error, which I have worked through many of them. Since I am not really a programmer, but I can read code and figure out what is going on, and get things to work eventually. I am willing to learn, but I have spent about a week and cannot get any code to compile properly.

Does anyone have a working example for a TTGO Lora V2 with oled that I can try. A working example would help out great.

I do have serial GPS device, and a temp/ humidity sensor, and can get any other thing that I need to play around with it. For now my goal is just two GPIO pins if open or closed would be awesome.

If there are end devices that I can just buy and do OTAA activation I can do that too. ie for door contact, or yard gate alerts.